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Some of these stories comes back out good long time the first one which I'm coming coming up to talk about a seven o'clock and that's the Turkey Syria issue more handle on the news Jennifer Wayne and me and you have the White House chief of staff saying there was no quid pro quo except there was quid pro quo and he says get over it yeah Mick Mulvaney is what I think is I got over it regarding to the elder al Country Club I think was the G. seven summit bid but doesn't matter anyway the point he's making he admitted outright I there was a quid pro quo as you said were part of a wood pro quo and then they he's reversing himself that was taken out of context is the media that side take everything I said out of context and be reported I mean now it's just straight the Nile disease on camera camera saying yet and he said that was taken out of context it was totally with in context you cannot interpret it any other way other than him saying it for example he stands there points to this guy and says the sky is blue that was taken out of context I really didn't mean blue I met a shade of blue and I really didn't mean the sky you'll notice that in go up is more towards the horizon and I mean that's the kind of stuff that he with the with the spending he was doing I mean it's just these guys just don't stop I mean this is the pity of it in the White House is now gone Hey we had nothing to do with that news conference that that was not us yeah I am yeah I was going to say amazing Mexican authorities briefly took one of el Chapo's kids into custody but man did they let him out real fast just a crazy situation they're on patrol and somebody fires on them from the house so they go there they get in the house and they find one of el Chapo's sons video glues mine next thing you know punches cartel people surround the house and the authorities are out gunned so they let him go yeah they were and then and then the car tell people they start carjacking cars and take off next we believe goes down there this is insane the White House says Hey the next G. seven summit will be held at one of the president's golf resorts get their guns in at the national drought of hotel and Gulf because of course of for the next three seven summits yeah they said it's not the only place it's the best place ads amazing Mick Mulvaney said that yeah in a lot of good that it said they will be in a scene the reports said the what is it the secret service to siding with the safest was the best way of doing it they said this is the best place and then a reporter asked are moving what well how come it's never been done before their they didn't look there before that's exactly what he said thank even if an of course now it's being said he's done being that it cost and switched it the other way could have yeah the present could have started with just optically saying Hey listen I it costs United States a lot of money to host this so what I'm doing is I'm affected we donating my property and will act cost which means at cost means the money loss because I will not be able to make money during that other period of time and started with that as opposed to now coming back in defending out we're gonna do it cost at its optics or parable and they just a moment movie suck it up we just don't care we just don't care it may look like a conflict it may not be a conflict for all I know I have no idea by John yeah I doesn't look good privately owned a privately owned property owned by a thread on a privately owned by the president who still owns the property I mean it's not as if he got you nothing's in a blind trust the properties all run by a sign and the government is going to pay him to host the G. seven how good is that look but it doesn't matter it doesn't matter I think that one of the ports and this has never happened in the history the modern history the presidency on the other hand we had very very few presidents that only huge resort golf courses either Grover Cleveland for example I don't think there's too many Grover Cleveland not golf courses hang around there are there yeah not much Jefferson estates it sounds almost like the projects instead it would say are I just let's just watch yeah with let's take a break okay Jennifer take it from here Senate phrase coming down the California coastal commission has approved a plan to dismantle much of the nuclear power plant that's been close since a small radiation leak seven years ago the commission unanimously approved a so cal Edison's plan including removing most visible elements of the coastal plain including the iconic twin reactor domes demo and decontamination could take up to a decade it's not clear where the sites a three and a half million pounds of nuclear waste will end up Erin Bender KFI news news is brought to you by the Barnes firm a man with a history of gang activities been convicted of a hate crime for sucker punching a black whole foods employee in Laguna beach the OC DA's office says in June the man walk up to the walked up to the worker from behind that is the tension then punched him in the face the attack broke the employees nose and knocked out his two front teeth the attacker also used a racial slur he's facing up to eight years in prison Lake Forest says to homeless camps on a busy intersection of resulted in seventeen arrests in the last few weeks nat Paul hammer who lives in the area said he was assaulted with a flashlight and broke his thumb they've had problems with people entering the restaurant with weapons most recently at three restaurants in a row at their front glass doors kicked in and to the to a more broad he says it's ridiculous that odd stuff like a screen door a barber's chair and a step ladder are all packed up twice a week so the area can be power washed the city says it's doing all it legally can if you want to be happier leave LA a new study says Angelenos are less happy with their lives then the rest of the country researchers from U. S. C. say the dissatisfaction is mostly about money the study used the scale of one to seven with seven being super satisfied Angelino scored four point four so they're more satisfied than not but the average national scores four point six the study also looked at other stuff including family life so the wife health free time and jobs researchers say personal finances are the most important factors for life satisfaction in LA county and it affects all of those other things Michael crozier KFI news and a merry cumple in New Jersey is suing Taco Bell over two dollars an eighteen cents a couple says they thought TV commercial last year advertising a five dollar deal on four items and a drink but the Taco Bell says taught the couple went or that the couple says when it went to talk about it was charged an extra dollar nine per order the manager said the commercial had fine print saying prices could very a couple says New Jersey has a fraud statute requiring disclaimers to be shown clearly and conspicuously we got a crash.

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