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Mac. Power users episode four hundred sixty six John Gruber returns. Welcome back to MAC power users. I'm Steven hack at and I'm joined as always by my pal. David sparkes. How are you today? David. Great, stephen. Yeah. I'm good. We're gonna have a fun interview. Today, we are joined by the internet's own John Gruber, John. How are you? Good happy to be here. Thanks for joining us. It's it's I interview show of the sort of the the new lineup here at MAC power users. And we were so excited that you said, yes. So thanks for joining us. I'm happy to be back before we dive in. We did when remind people that we are going to be doing a live show on March the second the Saturday in Chicago as I say, this there are only a few tickets left. So if you ahead of her that link, you can get one of the last ones, would you have a wedding lists. If people drop off or get sick, or whatever will be releasing those tickets if any come available us of be sure to go check on that link. And we will see you in Chicago. I love doing live shows. I don't always think it's like do my. Show at the WW DC. And I'm I'm a nervous wreck exhausted, mentally exhausting. And and then it's over so far, everyone has been okay at least. And then there's that great sense of relief of okay. As long as somebody gives me, a, you know like a thumbs up like shows over thanks for coming. And then, you know, like somebody just guarantee me that we got that recorded. Anything I get like a thumbs up from from Jake the camera guy like we were good or cable Caleb, my sound guy. And then it's such a relief. And then I think man that was so much fun. Everybody was cheering and stuff. I should do that more often. And then it's a cycle. There's actually a lost episode of the MAC power users. We had rob cordray on the show, and it was live at MacWorld years and years ago. I remember that MacWorld because I remember it's actually when I met rob Quadri. Yeah. That was really fun as walking around the floor with him. And all the nerds knew me and everybody else do rob every. But the, but we before we Terry Quinn the show..

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