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Back with my friend Daniel Hoffman career intelligence fall parade of the director of the Middle East on the CIA full of chief of station hot country, Moscow doesn't get much hotter than that nominate to the president's intelligence advisory board. Then did you know that music was we use this time? Coon is this guy keyed in midfield tobacco. And they were to my favorite, very cool. Very cool. Brother. Don't forget on a black man was pretty cool as well. Even before Diana Rigg role than. I didn't think you'll stop could raise down. He just rose. Unimpressed follow this, man. Daniel Hoffman DC. Okay. Let's get to the question. You uh sublimely qualified to answer. You don't have to be paid by the SV. You don't have to be paid by the followed organizations of the KGB will the Kremlin to do their work. Do you? If you look at the last two years in American politics Daniel Hoffman. No, you sure, don't you know, my take on what we've seen. Here's that the Kremlin injected a virus into our political system and Bentham willing carriers that virus like my old boss director CIA John Brennan. Who made wildly unsubstantiated claims about collusion that we're not through but worse than that. They just drove up the animosity and our partisan politics. You know, the Kremlin just want to take advantage of the the fact that we are at odds among our politicians, and they want to heighten that animosity and people like John Brennan. Help them do that. When you worked on the John every time something like Brennan Oakland parole. Somebody else goes on national television and uses foods like treasonous to describe the commander in chief that has a measurable effect, a negative injurious effect on national security outstanding doesn't it Daniel Hoffman. It does versus in practical because we've got five, you know, behind enemy lines. We're hearing John Brennan played that and they're wondering, maybe I shouldn't be feeling secrets on behalf of the United States. Because I don't know if I can trust the administration, and you've got our allies, you know, who home we pain really critically important elegance day to make question whether we can have productive exchanges of intelligence and information, and then you have our citizens who wonder John Brennan talking about and they start to distrust senior government officials and that really hurt frankly like that thirty years serving my country. I don't like that. I'd like that that folks out there think of my career and others is having done honorable service to our nation and John Brennan really hurts us in that regard as well. We've got compliments left. I've spoken to people at Langley at the CIA John Brennan who was a failed operator. He was an analyst voted for the communists body. Scientists seventy six before joined the in the nineteen eighties was an analyst failed of being Perata. Real the CIA did lots of damage to politicize it, especially the Iran shop how long is it going to take Daniel Hoffman. How long is it going to take the fix the from the damage? John Brennan to it. I I don't know that I see that much damage done. The agency of John Brennan has damaged his own reputation is own credibility. And I think he damaged those who took on his argument. I don't think the damage was done as much inside the intelligence community are inside the TI is it was to our elected officials democrat principally accepted John Brennan arguments have their own because they figured hey, it's done Brennan. Former director CIA nobody's talking about. Will. He was wrong. And they made a mistake by trusting him, unfortunately. And I think I think that really the damage equated damage the John Brennan has done to our political profits too many too many politicians on democratic side parroting back John Brennan was saying and that just call it a lot of can you pass healthcare immigration reform when Democrats and Republicans ready others throats over Russia, which is exactly what Putin wants. Yes. He's happy. He smiling in the Kremlin in palm. Because of John Brennan on John Brennan is doing where we're out of time forty seconds left off and most important questionable. When are you writing your own above? You'll be among the first to know about the asking you put by a right? All right. Well, we'll have that conversation in a a cloaked environment weather as Faraday cage outside the building. I'm samatrikon Golkar. You have been talking to Daniel Huffman. Follow him on Twitter. Daniel Hoffman DC from chief of station for the CIA in Moscow nominee to the president's intelligence advisory board and ahead of the Middle East department, and you can see him frequently on Fox News..

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