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You. No good news. It can be something amazing happening in every until because you'll get a raise other. We had the shut that off. You know and spend more time on. Like i pick and choose what we watch and what we see and we get a lot from whites on my kids. And i'm i've literally been more productive in this season and i have been in my entire career and there's stuff that literally i'm the release Oh my god soon my my my me and my partner we're able to build a we have a tv network that we just launched is apple is on apple roku all. That's the fire. Stick to the deal. Where now. Because i've been trying to get my cartoon the other networks and i'm like yeah well let's do that and we did a two year deal with adult company caught three sixty wise tv and it's on every can get all over. The app is amazing. Is like so battler. Said is launching. But i also have show worship extinct live. Launching is kind of like a new bobby jones type experience in in so many things that other shows we launched is like. I could've have done this though. Pre pandemic time. So if you if you feed into the noise and the news it discourage you and make you think the world's going to end but if you if you're a person that serves guys. Can you know that these their seasons. It's it's going to pass question is what are you showing in the season. What are you sewing. And you think. Jacob jacobs he sold in time of famine and he had more crops in that time the most people ever had because he did it in fate and i think what you do in faith in this season. Will i promise you this thing. Open up you will see more millionaires. I believe there's a wealth transfer happening for the guy. That's gonna be incredible if you take. He the data saying in the season. You gonna win. I might. I can't tell you what i see for ten years. Glory give me a glimpse of it. And i'm like okay. Somebody elections under so scared me. None of the don't bother me it would. It would initially be if i had not really a sinner myself but now my god give me so much faith. Hope like stick with me. Houses built on a rock. You're good man. There's like you just said the the re-centering the ability for the church and for individuals and the churches kingdom people in the kingdom to step back and say you know there's so many versus where jesus says i wanna shake not not only will i shake earth. Shake heaven right. That won't be you house..

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