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Gift keeps on giving all kinds of fun stuff debate we have all decade team was announced earlier today but first I gotta go back to what you mentioned a few minutes ago by Carmen because you think that streaming wise we have yet to take the jump on and that's tiger King because at some point we just have to just do it and what I knew episode coming for you too I heard yeah see the thing is I'm I'm it's like game of thrones I knowing all about it before it airs it it you're watching Ozark Ozark is good just getting back into it yeah I I had to refresh my season to operate means fantastic Laura Leni I mean always fantastic wherever you see her it's crazy it is as they the kids would say bad Blake and Blake and crazy and it's a fun fun story a fun ride you like breaking bad you like better call Saul those things you like some craziness in your well drug related film and television hi this is for you because I need more drug related film and television I don't know I mean if you're not good enough Hey yeah but if you're not gonna partake of it yourself you can live vicariously through those who try to get in bandied in those worlds make some quick money or so they think and then watch the world go asunder like watching from the outside yeah like when they try to make Mel Gibson and into a charismatic drug dealer ridiculous sunrise he's he's a nice guy he's really really nice that's what they always say right look out for the the smooth suave sophisticated guy he's most likely the devil in disguise go back to the lyrics of the Elvis Presley classic it'll tell you what he's really nice though he's a really cool dude yeah but he's a drug dealer right is it yeah yeah but he's nice you look like an angel he just could you just give drugs to nice people that's what it is that well that's just said he tries to make the world go round it all right we'll see because the thing is you know X. at this point I think in television we enjoy the anti hero the guy who already be sixty or seventy percent good in thirty or forty percent that I think we we kind of enjoy that because it seems more real it's not just well the good guys have to be good to back us up to date because this is this is what brought in the big new ushered in a new era of drama in that we can make all the heroes flawed why Batman is always so popular even though you had people who portray him in I'll take that back yeah but yeah I mean you know that that's become as what's turned dramas in to the next level dramas that we get it we would have never gotten dramas like this that'll be just for the content or the the the language years ago we were because no one would have ever wanted to push the boundaries of what if the good guys not all the way good what if you just mostly good well you know I look I always go back to sons of anarchy where at the end the guys are like forty percent good I like the percent bad and I still rooted for them because they were my monsters you can't talk about them that Jax teller is my monster so is clay and so was taken so we choose you could offer that Bobby but you can you get up there where mine monsters I mean that look that's been a whole big thing now this is why we get such great television the past five or seven or eight years that was the big thing it wasn't just the sopranos that that for this era of of drama it was that Hey we can learn that the good guys don't always have to be good and sometimes it can be just as good as they are bad know that you said you go back go back to the cop movies cop shows thirty forty years old so he's the guy that's pictured as full lawn corrupt there's the shades of gray and then you got the guy in the White House so I mean it's always been there it's just now it's celebrate a little more and when you add more cable channels to it and you can get pushing the envelope with the contents in the language of it all I it's reducing you can get seduced by the dark side it was staying uses used again by the dark side of it binds the galaxy together my comment was seduced with a cream puff in purple shorts creamed off so today the NFL all decade team was announced it was headlined by eight unanimous selections including Tom Brady JJ watt Adrian Peterson also chose on every ballot von Miller Aaron Donald Joe Thomas marshal Yanda and Justin Tucker look you're gonna find it hard to argue with the majority of these players I still have a snow for you but first you know what stands out about seeing the all decade team right well Adrian Peterson is your number one running back in okay you you you expect that sure nothing illustrates the devaluing of the running back position more than who is just below Adrian Peterson in the all decade team at running back Marshawn Lynch Frank gore and LeSean McCoy okay all of these players okay you think about this none of them is Adrian Peterson none of them were is game changing is Adrian Peterson wasn't you should have game changers at every single position every single one but was Shawn McCoy Frank gore Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch people forget that he really disappointed in buffalo which should have been the prime of his career and then he hit it big in Seattle for a few years it was buffalo and one was putting together with him trying to run with no semblance of a passing game just to get what it wants wherever you can only be a one man gang so much yeah but he's still at four years old so he had like a day and a half in buffalo you always tell you if you come out of the league I have a college with any kind of talent you're going to succeed right away as a running back and it took him till he got to Seattle well Shawn McCoy has been very good but has he been over the top well not really as Frank gore he's been solid right we say about Frank gore three forty five years old he solid solid solid solid all these guys are really good running backs but when you see the list of players at other positions compared to running back the running back is a little bit boy the guy the running back's really aren't as good as they used to be and that should be the number one thing that tells you how running backs with the valued in the National Football League because it should be no brainer guys and instead you have guys that are we're having called Frank gore is the hall of Famers LeSean McCoy hall of Famers Marshawn Lynch hall of Famer I mean these are gonna be debates were this is all decade guys there shouldn't be any any hall of fame debates on guys were all decade and this is who was on the all decade team and that that look for all the talk we talk about salaries we could talk about you know guys not getting carries but when you look at for the last ten years here are the top running backs again I'm not leave anybody out the only guy could put on that list maybe is levy on bell ahead of one or two of those because levy on bills on a ton of his six years not so much of the jets the said out of your **** he's done just as much as some of these guys who can really point to four years of great eight play when they are looking at a this is what I've done part of my NFL legacy I mean I I've you look at all positions out there so some of the players are at cornerback in on the offense of line and there's there's nobody who's running back talent corresponds to the talent at other positions all across the board of the all decade team no that's funny because you look at aged Peterson yes actually missed two years right one with suspension one where he only played three games as you roll through Marshawn Lynch get you know just to hit the rewind button that I got I got to defend my guy shout out to family first our hi that that's not right is it is is different he did a lot of chef family first is a good one I was at one of them yeah that was the happy family first every was the star of his of his own movie they shot on a cellphone or something but yeah two thousand seven as a rookie over thirteen hundred total yards and seven touchdowns as a second year back he goes for over thirteen hundred career total yards once again he's got nine total touchdowns in two thousand nine for whatever reason they've got Fred Jackson that jumps in and that's when the following year he gets bounced in goes to Seattle and it's a New World order but to your point yeah I mean we we go through and there's a couple of guys that you're to some degree surprised they're not unanimous when you look at a a rob Gronkowski maybe along the way but you don't argue the positions and you know there's more depth and more competition along the way I mean we can look at the wide receiver position and probably probably find one or two other guys that might make it in but when we look at the running back position when you've you've talked about how it's been split up to me just going back to fantasy as we talked about the first hour with this year's NFL draft rights fantasy football what do you got you got a some teams that have three guys a goal line guy the receiving back and then the first and second down guy like if you don't have someone that's on the field necessarily in most of these teams the last couple years what nine guys topped a thousand yards I mean you're you're not talking about the war courses that we had once upon a time so the valuation of the position changes Twitter and how bout a fresco Mike it's falling down the Jason Smith show with my card and live from the geico studios so that that's the first thing I saw and then of course you know I did what everybody does I look for snobs right who's not who's at work let's take a look and it was tough because you know they they found that the all decade team for a reason there's not a lot to debate about although I do have an issue and I think they messed with Larry fitz Gerald over de Andre Hopkins right now Calvin Johnson is on the list Julio Jones fitz Gerald and Antonio brown it's tough to argue three of those four right Calvin Megatron what he was able to do and Tonio brown despite his problems you're talking about talent on the field Julio Jones what he has done and continues to do Larry fitz Gerald is terrific and he's fantastic but you're talking about all decade which means two thousand ten to two thousand nineteen because this is an all decade team and four of his best years came before two thousand and ten hit and I know that Larry fitzgerald enjoys a great reputation it's awesome you know people feel bad for him I get the love he's played in Arizona but his best years were really all pre two thousand and ten the Andre Hopkins has simply done more in even less years from two thousand ten through two thousand nineteen all right out to illustrate this both of played with bad quarterbacks rights not like did the Andre Hopkins said to Shawn Watson you know for the last six years he had some bad guys or throw the ball early on in his career just like the general data but since twenty ten fitz Gerald has ten thousand yards receiving in sixty one touchdowns right that's pretty good the other Hopkins has eighty six hundred yards receiving and fifty four touchdowns in three less years than Larry fitzgerald so he's about fifteen hundred yards behind it which is one season and is about seven touchdowns behind which is almost one season three less years the Andre Hopkins has been a bigger part he's been more dominant in the past decade that fitz Gerald has a look and I get that's part of the thing with the child all while you're you're starting as production of two thousand ten as well yeah but for this for this argument you kind of have to because that's what this argument is about the team of the decade two thousand ten through two thousand nineteen I can't say you have a look what they did from two thousand six or two thousand nine because that's not two thousand ten it on so if you're going by simply the decade the Andre Hopkins and he is he is out everything Larry fitzgerald in this time if affect outlook I'll give you further I think by the time Hopkins career is over because he's in the middle of his prime he's probably got other five years to do what he's doing he's going to get a lot of run people are gonna say outside of Jerry rice he maybe the second best wide receiver I've seen the LPN hoodie baby plays more than five he could be like rice simply thirty five thirty six years old me greatly would be just as another five fantastic years you're looking a production that say boy I don't know that you guys will produce like the Andre Hopkins B. that's the kind of path he's on so I think he's the big stop on that team yeah I mean a lot of it's going to come down to what does Kyler Murray become and what is that team do going forward we've got Larry fitzgerald the ageless wonder there for another year and and as.

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