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Michigan and Nevada. Now, despite the uncertainty, President Trump declared victory in an early morning speech. We won states and all of a sudden I said, What happened to the election? It's off. In a speech from Wilmington, Delaware. Just after midnight, Joe Biden said he's confident about the outcome for him. I have to be patient. Until we, uh the hardwork Italian votes is finished now in President Trump's early remarks, he said he wants the Supreme Court to stop further vote counting the Biden campaigns as it'll fight any efforts by the Trump campaign to get the Supreme Court to prevent ballots from being tabulated course will have any and all developments here on W T o p and w t o p dot com. Joining us more now on all of this is Charlie Cook, He's publisher of the Cook Political Report. And Charlie this morning, the president talking about going to the Supreme Court. Of course, he'd have to begin the legal process in the state courts. What are the things that he would challenge in state courts about these races that are still to be called? I'm not sure duty. I I don't. I'm sorry of went to bed about 4 45. Didn't we are sure exactly what what the grounds with the grounds with they? I mean, you know, we've got a sort of let this play out. I think we just have to get more votes before we could find out Sort of OK, Who's Who's standing where you know in those, the three that we've been focused from the very beginning. Michigan, Wisconsin Pennsylvania. No, there seems to be a whole lot of democratic vote out there. And, you know, there seems to be a clear path to 2 74. For buying. But this is now in the zone where you know, lawyers will do what they're going to do, But I don't think I don't know that the legal issues are really clear yet. Not to me anyway. Are you? Are you surprised at where we stand right now, Charlie? Yeah, If you you know, it's sort of reality and expectations. And the reality is that only one state has changed hands from 2016 That was Arizona. Going from Republic going from Republican to Democrat and then the second District of Omaha. And so that's a grand total. I think, 12, but obviously does it turn things over? We're just waiting to see those other free. And then there's some cleanup something Georgia North Carolina are not called Arizona, Nevada and, quite frankly, just since the time I went to bed in 23 hours, I was in bed. The Michigan Senate race kind of came back came back alive, so Um I just think we're gonna have Tio Just just Yes. Wait, wait. Watch Thiss was darkness election, You know, Think? Ah. I think everybody was surprised in one way or another, but clearly. Ah, you know, Florida was sort of the biggest shock that It looked It looked like it was going to be a heck of a lot more competitive than it Wass. I know, but some biting people I talked to yesterday morning. They had a bad vibe on on Florida. Charlie. I want to ask you quickly before we have to part with you here about some of these states having quit overnight, quit there counting overnight. Some of them have gone to bed, Nevada said. It's not going to continue counting or have anything else to say until tomorrow is that unusual? Yes, we've seen that. It is not unusual. You know, I think they got a once your workers get completely mentally exhausted, and you only have a certain number supervisors, and I think they think it's you know, they'd be better off with a crush count. You know, fresh Good. I sleep and not make mistakes because the whole world's watching and you really don't want to make mistakes. And you know, there are a lot of people they're trying to do that so Um No, it's it's It's inconvenient, but I think it's probably the right thing to do. Let him Let let let him get their sleep to the job, and another day won't kill us. So wait. We will Charlie. Thank you so much. Always going to talk to you. Charlie Cook, publisher of the Cook Political report Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think rate 15. Here's Dave Johnson. Yes, I have a vote to talk about this 40 what? It's not that complicated about the start of the embassies in the athletic reports MBA players. Take a vote on either Thursday or Friday morning on the league's plan, TTO have a 72 game season starting on December 22nd. The other option would be to begin in January on the Martin Luther King holiday. The NFL trade deadline has passed. Dwayne Haskins and Ryan Kerrigan are still with Western football team. It is good to be the Dodgers Mookie Betts, a World Series champion. And now the nationally gold, love winning right fielder. And how about the new baseball team in Butte, Montana. They've decided on a name the mining city, Tommy knockers. Tommy knockers are mythical beings that keep miners safe, either knocking toe one of danger or to tell the miners where to dig Dave Johnson over you till B sports..

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