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Welcome to ams on the air. I'm Dakota Smith I'm Jeff Rosenfeld. Nima mean sense. Where here's podcast? All things weather I wonder and climate fire can cycle carbon and result in. It's more carbon in the atmosphere. Smoke Black Carbon organic carbon can also circulate amland on the Greenland Ice Sheet. And and when it does it can force Ice And snow to Norfolk. Leave Dakota one of the things that you do is you you. You're involved halted an area of research where you know you connected to. So many different aspects of the community and there's a lot of interdisciplinary that goes on and is there ever been anything that like SORTA surprised you. How how what you did was related to their field or the the the the the strange combinations of people who get together because of what you're doing doing or what your group is doing? I think one thing that I started learning as I was an Undergrad and Grad school was how many different professions and fields were her impacted by weather and In some aspects climate and and when I saw all my friends you know doing their work and becoming wing you know expanding in their careers and getting jobs. I realized that so many of their fields were impacted by weather but they had nothing to do with me either the environment or whether in general I think as a scientist we we noticed that more than public. I mean when I when I've done videos and I explain to pay the the water just the water cycle. If if you look at the water cycle everything we do with our water from drinking it to take a shower too to waste in it to everything we do with a shower with the water is just. That's her live I. If it's all connected yeah I really feel like the interconnectedness of the world has become more and more important to us as we start thinking more more and more about how to deal with climate change or even just day to day pollution issues that may or may not affect climate long-term. But are the the questions of how we deal with waste or how we gotta clean up the air and this is one of the great things that came up in an interview. We just had at the annual meeting in Phoenix this year with Amber Soja of the National Institute of Aerospace. She's a An expert in fire and in particular in fire and Siberia. And that just sounds so remote to me it but when we started talking she just opened up this subject from the dirt under your feet to the trees overhead too high in the atmosphere to the ocean's to climate change change all across the world all connected to the together in ways that I hadn't thought of before so I think it's really. We're taking a listen if you think that weather and climate means that we're all connected to one another you understand that had a far deeper level Listening to talk walkabout..

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