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I'm john in this world to spend my time i'm just a rambling man same buddy can you spare me a dime i don't care sun goes down weary green green ballet are rocky euro they're doing make bob thank you thank you very much which was when i was at k okay from radio park at sixteen hundred north kings highway crossing the park more that was up there and catty corner across from mcbride high school walt disney was hanging around saint louis and he was very close to creating a downtown theme park that he would call riverfront square now it's not there never was for a stack of reasons the deal obviously fizzled and he and mickey mouse turned their attention to florida we'll turn our attention on route sixty six to another morning record from route sixty six it's great collection of records of all kinds of themes and then we'll be back again with more gold records all the records we play this coming week will be gold records only incidentally i'm going to be at the missouri history museum with a special program called famous driving they famous and infamous of saint louis and on the program i'm going to have a whole bunch of pictures and stories about the famous and the infamous of our city through time diane rodham oscar author of famous i of saint louis will have a presentation as well as will carol shepp lee who wrote saint louis and illustrated timeline as well as movers shakers scalawags and suffragettes and we'll have a.

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