West Coast, Canada, Israel discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Moved damning ready when it comes have bitcoin county chait eleven thousand four hundred eighty nine dollars up five point four percent just this morning okay let's get a look at isis engraver these headlines his revokes good morning caroline jordan's foreign minister has warned the us a dangerous consequences if it recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel i'm an safadi says such a declaration would trigger great anger in the arab and muslim wild meanwhile the palestinian president says it would jeopardise efforts for peace in the middle east as follows mounting speculation that president donald trump will announce the move this week us defense officials are considering going anti missile systems on the west coast to counter a potential attack from north korea south korea already has such a system and white house national security adviser h r mcmaster says other countries of bound to be affected aggrieved through directly from north korea but then you're also looking again at the possibility of japan shelf korea taiwan who also vietnam who is going to conclude but to protect their populations they need to have a shortage of ability canada's prime minister justin trudeau who is expected to kick off formal free trade talks with china's today vice president of expo development canada peter whole says a deal with the world's secondlargest economy is crucial to canada's heavy reliance on us trade we have a very much in mind that china is canada's number two customer that's a fact that has lost on many there are some industries it the in the next few years china will be the number one customer inside of those industries so this is an inescapable fact about the evolution of canadian trade at the moment and a new grant condition in germany has become much more likely ahead of this week's spd convention bean bags big at yan'an reports party chairman martin schulz is still holding out all his options open but at the same time he's preparing the party for talks with merkel about a new government today the party leadership will meet of the lynn and if everything goes to plan the party's when at the end of the week officials a mandate to negotiate the terms of a new matt let coalition but we begin on bloomberg daybreak europe global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and.

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