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RDA in the name of love better known as told well was born in Stockholm Sweden in October of nineteen eighty seven she had a very early love music writing our first song by age ten in terms of her stage name she says it was given to her by her mother when she was just three years old there was a links at the zoo and she loved it its name was still low means links in Swedish Mike this is John reed Tuesday in the eight o'clock hour we go back to school news radio WRVA hello America and welcome to the Glenn Beck program I would like to remind you that our Christmas special is happening one night only I think we're going to be recording it for a special but we would love to see you it's in Salt Lake City December seventh some tickets are still available and I invite you to go to Glenn Beck dot com and and just click on the Christmas show in it'll take you to the the ticket window and grab those those tickets before they're all gone I'm really excited for this Christmas special you're going to love it it's gonna be very funny and also the true meaning of Christmas you don't want to miss it Salt Lake City December seventh Glenn Beck dot com is.

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