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Does have thematic elements and brief smoking. The run time is two hours and fifteen minutes. Now this is of course bringing back Louisa. Somme Al Qods much beloved in oft adapted novel of the same name. I think this is maybe the seventh or eighth adaptation to the big screen at least notable one for little women it does relate the story of the four March sisters. They grew up. In their humble existence. In Nineteenth Century Massachusetts Greta Gerwig here is adapting capping the screenplay and directing the feature although it is an age old story but it does have an eye for a modern audience under gerwig direction her eye for authenticity. Fantasy it's impeccable in her second solo effort as a director. And she's really coming off your one. Excellent feature after another personal comedic drama lady bird word really set the mold for her but this is giving someone else's voice to her instead of a personal vision although she really does make it our own little women comes across feeling ailing no less personal even though the story in the setting and the era are not Gerwig as a novel little women had been published in two volumes to first one in eighteen sixty eight and the other in eighteen sixty nine but the volumes ended up being combined in the film. They are interwoven. Together in this rearranged timeline that jumps back and forth in it spotlights the hopes of the sisters and their dreams as teenagers. And then they temper those ambitions with the grimmer realities Alevis of the real world when they're in their adulthood. The film spins the aren't of the four young sisters with artistic and romantic ambitions. Their names are Joe and amy me and Megan Beth in their living with their mother Marmi while their father is off fighting in the civil war now much of the film concentrates on Joe Story Play by Sir Sha Ronin and and that's regarding her ambition and her struggle to become a published writer and we meet her first at a newspaper editors office who ends up chopping up her story and then paying occur less than usual to publish it but joe is ecstatic that her work even diminished by. This editor is going up here in the paper. And throughout the course of the film we see Joe's Joe's maturation she finds her voice both as a writer and as a woman the artistic. Amy these second. Oldest sister played by Florence. Pugh you. She takes a sizable secondary role. Not only as an actor but also as a sister here mostly stems from Amy's possible romance with. Laurie played by Timothy Shallow Chaumet as well as her difficulty in accepting that the only real path to achieve financial success for a woman in this era of society is to marry a rich man. The third spotlighted is made play by Emma Watson who wants to be an actress but who's married for love with his tutor of lower means and last is Beth this promising pianist just who ends up suffering due to scarlet fever and she becomes the reason that the family stays bonded together at some point in their lives. Never Greta Gerwig. Little women does represent present story that she has carried since her youth her mother ready-to-wear when she was very very young and then she had reread it several times throughout her childhood and into her early teens around the age fifteen was the last time she read it until her early thirties. And she found when she read it as an adult that a lot of it resonated with her in a very different different a very personal way that did not strike her when she read it as a teenager. And what once seemed like a heartwarming and old fashioned tale when she was young now read like a modern topical book underneath her familiarity with the march sisters and their story. Come through in this film and you can sense what parts may have found a meaningful from all cats riding. By what she's decided to showcase the medically on the screen you can tell from the narrative that both all hot and GERWIG identify with breath. Joe The most among the sisters she's a storyteller and a woman who has to traverse in this field is largely dominated by men at the top. Something that both alcott and Gerwig have to deal with as storytellers in their own respective fields the desire to adapt little women for a new generation. It really started back in twenty thirteen. Sony pictures felt that the last major tation was approaching twenty years old. They needed something for a new generation. The nineteen ninety-four version with winona. Ryder was very well respected and much beloved but they you want something that people have not seen before so the ended up going with the script by then newcomer milch but that ended up. Not Panning out. That was rejected. Did and things went into limbo until producer amy. Pascal took over the project. Pascal made it her mission to emphasize female lead stories and filmmakers in her productions since she began discussions with Sarah polly initially in twenty fifteen with this option for poly to direct. If they decide to go with her adaptation Gerwig during this time heard what about their intentions to make a film of Little Women in Two Thousand Sixteen and she immediately petitioned to be the one to write the script and she was given the go-ahead when polly became wrapped up with another project net flicks miniseries called alias. Grace once lady bird ended up getting released in two thousand seventeen to soaring critical acclaim. Sony asked if she liked to also direct from her script so hers would be different though because while others who have adapted little women see as a tale of family and sisterhood primarily Gerwig Gerwig saw it as more governed by money issues and passion for art and what it means to be a woman to have money in this era gives you freedom freedom to pursue your art something that women have rarely been afforded to up to that point in history and to help flesh out. The story to mirror ALCOTT's life GERWIG ended up consulting more even just a little women novel. Her diaries her letters her other novels. She used some of her entries in their diaries and her letters to add flavor to the bits of dialogue going to merge them with Joe's story especially Joe alcock almost become one and the same here her decision to lay of the stories with his back and forth in the timeline. Timeline comes from this contrast between the two volumes in the book the first volume is much more crowd pleasing in its telling and it ranges from one Christmas to another. That's usually the one that most people adapt when they do adapt little women this his second volume to the film that concentrates more on the relationships in the marriages of the sisters as a grown to adulthood and that contrast their dreams and sacrifices that they've made in both volumes Beth becomes ill and what occurs to her in each of the sets sets the tone of the work with the first volume representing the compromises compromises that Alcott made to get her story published while the second shifts more towards semi-autobiographical viewpoints. You know given that many adaptations only concentrate on the first volume of the sisters as young girls you know. Those are usually crafted heartwarming tales of Christmas and Family Unity Gerwig treatment really breaks the mold for little women that shows the girls as adults facing the realities. That young women have aspiration faced in Alcott's day to find their own paths in life only to be constantly told that their journey it has to be tied to a man to achieve anything the first volume resonated with Gerwig too many readers as young girls the second volume resonated much more to Gerwig when and she was an adult Gerwig. Little women is what all caught wrote that stuck with her when she was viewing it with the eyes and of an adult all Rhode her volumes in her mid thirties with that that perspective in mind that looking back at her childhood Gerwig here adapting the book in her mid thirties keeping in mind viewing all cots writing with a similar perspective on where they are in life as struggling talents in their respective fields. The dialogue was written so that the actors would end up talking over one another on occasion very frequently much. It's like a real conversation might especially with this family of a mother and four sisters who really know each other very well and are not afraid to share their ideas when ever a thought strikes strikes. The actors are not stationary in this film at all they usually perform actions as talk and walk in to a room and into another room in a way that draws out how people might do so in real life felt that period pieces don't necessarily need to move slowly because in their own time. They were the bustling and modern the era they were the most modern era up to that point. There's plenty of dancing here of seeing in running and feeling alive and a naturalistic flow to these performances. That are given due to who the well rehearsed.

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Greta Gerwig, Gerwig, JOE discussed on The Qwipster Film Review Podcast

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