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In so being fed that heavy dose or even even just a little bit of pornography young that is where this phrase being sexual ice comes from so so at that point now you know when mrs johnson is set in a leaning over the deaths the handback of paper and the person the kid who's been sexual eyes is now looking down a shirt or cleavage or search the kano go to these thoughts in his head while meanwhile his partner next door yo sitting next to him just looks at mrs johnson is okay how to do on my test and so i hope you can kinda catch the significance there and and i know that a lot of these if some of the people that are to be listening to this podcast might even feel like so or what's wrong with that and i think it's just the set the context now of you can see how then win the young mind when i was like the call it that when the wiring get set young that that is kind of the way a person is viewed especially when they're that young now they're going to go through life a little more you know they're they're kind of default settings now are a little bit more toward object defying and so then as they objectify and and then typically what's happening with the brain to as it's not just like now the brain says okay i got my fix i saw some things and now i will go forth and objectify moving forward but they're typically somebody who then become sexual sexualizing is going to turn toward pornography and typically tie in pornography is best friend masturbation along in there too and now we've got a whole flurry on flood of brain chemicals that have gotten involved in there too so i kinda wanna talk about that for a second so i i have some.

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