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A half hour sleep and she got dressed but the only coal she had were doshi aboard the day before because she thought she was to be back a shout mississippi that so she put on genes that were had blood all over them abiout with bore all over here in a jacket bourne however is she go back to the hospital hear neil state hospital all day often temps fighting to stay awake that night around eight o'clock her so she finally left thrive in back to colombo to our south mississippi gives a two hundred ten miles a four hour drive on the back roads and the whole way whole way she fought to stay awake at the wheel steel wearing the bloody clothes you know what she did the next morning next morning she got up and went back to work as the nimby and aging he later received an award from parade magazine which she should lead the popular supplement sunday papers award is one of the ten outstanding federal state malone and local law enforcement agents in the nation they floor out an award ceremony in los angeles but i love that story i love that story because many people didn't know about it's time and they certainly didn't know about the details and i love that story because to me that story is about the people we have in law enforcement today the men and women in federal state and law enforcement today that courage that dedication that's exemplified by share neil injure yemen ashikaga folks we have serving us today and when we come back more from charlie spillers his terrific book confessions of an undercover agent adventures close calls and the toll of a double life why did you buy an amtrak ticket most americans are probably thinking what are you talking about i never right amtrak what if i told you that no you really did buy a ticket someone swipes her card and charged on your behalf charge these in a mess but these guys have been swipe at it since the seventies okay okay okay before you freak out it's not your fault it didn't show up on your statement it showed up on your tax bill you see and 19th 70 our.

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