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Case early next week he could be ready for week one luck different situation shoulder surgery such a different kind of recovery right he's got to throw maybe flack goes been throwing more than he has i don't think luck is a go for week one from anything i've been told at this point i kind of be surprised to see him before week three in terms of playing a game but you know he's got to get on the field and throw in practice with his teammates before they can put a real timetable on it and that's why they haven't really wanted to do that all along because they have to see at each step with his recovery how he reacts to an increase in activity tag regrets yana right now on the results show he has been released been news get in touch was by the way through our one hundred flowers twitter feed ezekiel elliott dan what's what the guarding the cowboys runningback hearing started the appeal hearing started yesterday the ongoing today and will extend it was scheduled for two days but it will extend to a third day tomorrow and what i was told was the nfl is making vailable a witness that the nfl pa had requested in the nfl had initially rejected so based on yesterday's hearings and the way that went there's been a change in terms of the nfl's willingness to to provide another witness that the union wanted to talk to so i guess you could look at that and think it's a good sign from elliott's perspective but i think the key thing to understand here is e i don't think anyone on elliot so the union side expects harrell henderson to to overturn a reduce the suspension i think that there is a perception from that end that this is not really a neutral arbitrator and that's kinda part of their argument in terms of you know how how far they want to take this when they if it's not overturned or reduced do they want to take it to court they'll argue this is not really a neutral arbitrator this processes mess stop and cetera etcetera etcetera so a lot of what is going on in this hearing is is designed in some respects to kind of.

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