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Light Friday morning money light trading in Asian stock markets this day closing mixed. European markets were slightly higher in early trading and US stock futures rose overnight following yesterday's discouraging activity on Wall Street with stocks closing broadly lower. And I know he waits all month for this. So Tom Busby. What day is this? Good morning, Michael it's Friday, and it's jobs Friday. The Labor Department is out with its employment report for April one hundred ninety thousand new jobs expected the unemployment rate expected to hold steady at just three point eight percent, a five decade, low shares of beyond meet the maker of a plant based meat substitutes soaring on their first day of trading yesterday about one hundred sixty three percent the best debut for a new stock. So far this year. Facebook is cracking down on hate speech. It's banning what it calls dangerous individuals and organizations from its main site and Instagram that includes nation of Islam leader, Louis. Louis Farrakhan and info wars host Alex Jones. The TV station giant Sinclair broadcasting expected to announce a ten billion dollar deal today to acquire twenty one regional sports networks from Disney. Disney has to sell them because it owns ESPN. A new survey says half of generations Z H eighteen to twenty five or socking away money now to buy a house and a realtor's group says millennials are buying a ton of homes in small cities like Madison El Paso in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, not that small anyway. Thanks, Tom Busby. And I think will make beyond meet our rock and roll band name of the day. Okay. Kevin car is here. Not tell us about the new animated movie ugly. Dow's which Kevin looks to me like something. It's a very earnest looking story. Maybe about the kids learning about helping self esteem or something. Good morning, Michael. Yes. It is a animated film about the ugly doll line of toys. These plush toys that are basically misfit dolls and the story follows the dogs dolls. That don't get created properly in the factory that are then sent they're meant to be sent to recycling, but they diverted to ugly Ville where they all collect and live in they're happy. But they really want to do what toys wanna do and have a kid that they can pair with and be twenty two. And then wanting that eventually trying to find a way there and they run into the perfect dolls, and they have to figure out how to to try and then become a dull for a kid through that. It's a little bit out there. I mean, take sort of some of the premises of that we saw toys story, which was handled a little more pragmatically and kind of really kind of sets them out in the stratosphere. It's a cute enough movie it, but it does skew younger. It's not a a movie that I think a lot of kids and parents are going like it's much more for the the younger kids, especially if you play with the ugly, dolls toys themselves. All right. So you sound all that enthusiastic. How many broken parts you giving this? Well, I'm not a young child. So it was a little bit out of my league on on the low end..

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