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Red. And a three 15, let's go to Steve dresner. And Sean, good afternoon. It's going to be very busy up at flushing Meadows, New York, tonight, Serena Williams, will pair up with her sister Venus for a doubles match at the art area stadium cord should be getting underway around 7 o'clock and if you're not familiar with that part of the queens, the tennis complex here is the same parking areas with Citi Field in tonight, the mets will be hosting the Dodgers. Cling kirsch on the mound for Los Angeles doesn't help things. Staying in the national league about 25 minutes away is the natural wrap up there are 6 game home stand hosting Oakland palette was spinning on the mound, Owen 6, 4.35 ERA for the nets. American League action owes clothes out there are series in Cleveland just after 6 o'clock, they continue to flirt with that third and final wild card spot. Now two games behind Toronto. Gotta love this next story. Pro basketball news. Connecticut sun center Brianna Jones has been named recipient of the WNBA 6 player award and has been named player of the year for this 6 player award. After overcoming a torn ACL injury and later playing college bullet, Maryland, if you remember Jones was drafted by the Connecticut sun and this season, she came off the bench to average just under 14 points and 5 rebounds during the regular season. Some are in the middle of the WNBA playoffs taking on the Chicago sky, a recent tweet today from turp site coach, Brenda freeze. Certainly said it best. Quote, it's really kind of a poetic justice. Steve dresner, WTO sports. All right. Top stories were following for you this afternoon on WTO P great news for travelers hitting the road this Labor Day weekend, gas prices keep dropping. The entire region is seeing an average of less than $4 a gallon, you'll remember back in mid June, prices hit their peak at around $5 a gallon. No ruling yet after a hearing ended in West Palm Beach, Florida regarding former president Trump's request for a special master to review documents sees from his home by the FBI, mister Trump's lawyer say it's needed for fairness, DoJ says it would further hinder national security. The judge did say she'll release a written statement in due course. A prime time address to the nation tonight from President Biden, he will be in Philadelphia, discussing what he calls a battle for the soul of the nation and threats to our democracy, the speech starts at 8 this evening before an invitation only crowd. You can watch live at WTO dot com and stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. It took 6 years, but now a murderer is being held accountable. That's what the Commonwealth's attorney for fairfax county is saying of a jury's guilty verdict in the case from back in 2016. Talking about the family of 22 year old Cadiz seminar, the victim's family

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