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Yes, but next program All right. Let's see what's going on with the Rittenhouse case, while the latest was that Kyle written houses friend Dominic Black has just been charged. Very recently. I think we got the news this week or late last week that he was charged with providing the gun for Kyle Rittenhouse. So we've got Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been has been arrested in charge has been extradited to Wisconsin. He's awaiting being bailed out. And And I think anybody who's seen the video thinks that's that's almost just cutting dry, easy to understand self defense. But this D A doesn't want to give. And so now we got word that a friend of Kyle's is also going to be charged for providing Kyle Rittenhouse with the gun. And so now we're potentially what are we looking at federal charges here, Steve spend all of Steve's been Gola, who is Been investigating. This case was been giving us some information about it. What do we know about the process? That is that is trying to rack up Dominic Black. Well, Dominic, Goodbye the gun, And that's not, you know, it's in the paper. This isn't anything that's basically No secret of you. But what is interesting is that the fair they didn't charge and it's the state right now. That's charging. That tells me that the feds right now they don't want to charge And so I think everybody's sitting back when for the final Would come of this case because they've got at least three years up to six. If it's a felony charge somebody associate of the East I think right now based on the political environment based on the election. Based on the fact that somebody named Joe Biden is going to be able to put Democrats into the U. S attorney's office. Hold on to your socks here and let's see what happens with our ability to defend herself under the Second Amendment the next couple of years. You think that the case is going to get kicked to the feds, if if Trump is not successful in challenging the election? You know, they've done it with police officers. Why wouldn't they do it with Rittenhouse? And they've got two chicks at the captain's statement set around. They died in other cases, and right now, nobody wants to have that egg on their face at the state level, so Let's see what happens Right now. I think you got people like Letitia James, the New York attorney general, who's going after the entire area. Your second Amendment. You've talked about this elections have consequences. And right now your Second Amendment right is deeply They're looking at the flawed constitutional amendment. And what are they going to do it like they have wanted to get rid of guns and God was a lieutenant. He's it and I don't know I'm gonna be able to do it. He's not in the minds of the prosecutors in the minds of the last Kyle Rittenhouse isn't a real person. Who was being attacked. He's a he's A He's a what he's just a because he is Hey is, um you know, an ideology and an ideological victory toe win. Years any and it looks like you know, what they're trying to do is make it honestly look like the chest thumping right that gun advocates here love to see blood on the streets, and that's so far from it go down, and why doesn't somebody do something and get on their, You know, commit an act of journalism and talk to the people who had their buildings burned their condo on everything. The story they're not working either right now in the insurance may not pay almost Because of the fact that this was done under a riot. It's not, you know, under an act of God, and so they're having off and millions of dollars and show these people they asked for help, because you're governor didn't send anybody. He kept the National Guard up, blocking the streets way up off the expressway. That's the number of you know. Police officers. The commercial Police department was so overwhelmed and so an ex alderman asked for people to come down there to help protect them. That's all written house. It. He's not a convicted felon like Rosen bomb on these other individuals that showed up to destroy Kenosha. So what rights do you and I have is a citizen. That's what this whole case is gonna be about. Are you saying that Rittenhouse can get can also if potentially, if he is successful in fighting, the state charges could also get wrapped up by the feds. He could. I mean, they could take him with some civil rights violation. That's what they've done with police officers across the country. They have two kicks at the cat. It's not the same elements of the offenses completely different. It's not double jeopardy and they can go ahead and do that. And so, you know, you gotta ask yourself if you defend yourself with a gun. Yeah, you might be able to beat the state charges. But are the feds were now overwhelmingly gonna be Democrats in the U. S Attorney's office? Are they going to come back after us for something of a situation like this? Yeah, in the charge would be based on what depriving The people. He defended himself against their civil rights. Absolutely. Which is not the same thing is mortar. Get. It carries a penalty. Just a great you've got to understand that they could put you in jail for You know, tens of, you know, 2030 years. It's just a different name, and it's not double jeopardy because you've beaten the murder charge. You defended yourself, and now you're going against the civil rights violence. So here's the Here's the problem. You know, Joe Biden will get to fire all of the U. S attorneys and he will get to a point all of his own U. S attorneys. And you have got us attorneys activists, U. S attorneys are looking are looking for cases like this Now. The interesting thing you were telling me before is that it? Looks like the cono Sha County D A is gonna is gonna hand this off to a lower level A D. A. That This isn't going to be some kind of, you know, Rock star case for him. That suggests to me that he does not think this case is a slam dunk. No, I agree with, you know, this is this is basically you can see. I think now that there's some fear that what Rittenhouse did was just defending himself. And all I'm talking about is the video that's public. I'm not Making any statements that you know I'm sort of sourness simplicity about, But look at the videos. Slow it down and take a look. What would you have done? And I think it's really is gonna leave in the morning. We'll be able to say that that house was defending themselves. Here. We all have that right fit. And it just depends upon you know how far do they want to push this? It looks like you know, they made a decision. I think they jumped into the pool without investing their sinking right now they're gonna have to try to bail themselves on which is great, right? That's great. But if you've got a new guard in the U. S attorneys in unit U. S attorneys, and they decide they want to make an example out of this kid. Then it won't be that that will be you know of cold of limited comfort right? Because and what you know, I mean, I don't know if the chances are high that they would be successful in getting a federal conviction of this kid, but just to know that that is just hanging out there because nobody's told the truth about this case, Steve No one in the press has told the truth about this case..

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