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Never beat us say morning. Everybody's dj envy ngelo. Shall i mean the guy. We oughta breakfast club. We got a special guest in the building. Malcolm glad ladies and gentlemen welcome back thank you. How are you sir. i'm doing very. How'd you made depending man. I was fine. I was upstate. Do i myself pretty mild up. There wasn't a lot of cases so a lot of work done dila running. You know they jumped into podcasts. World ben doing that and doing that in like in. We had a big season as this You have you guys been following our remake of little mermaid. No i didn't listen to that. One got i was caught up in the The historically black colleges plan to the little mermaid anathemas in three parks. I'm like dan. You went deep on a low mermaid when you more then the actual like length of the movie. Don't movies ninety minutes. We like two hours but that was oh so did you. Oh you do you. Listen to my my my i did. The hypocrisy of the college ranking systems. That was that was a fascinating. Listen and it was just another example of the caste system in america me. I always wonder how they did. Those rankings to because i went to wesleyan university that's a small liberal arts cotton and i actually taught a class at dillard university one time too. So it's interesting. You talk about like amount of money that when these universities have in the bank is a large part of the reason why they might get lie they do get a high ranking. It's i mean it's absolutely the case it's like this is a system the us news college rankings system devised to let the rich get richer. It is the biggest most important part of their ranking. System is what's called a reputation score And the reputation score is simply a score. That's a great. It's given by other college presidents until like first of all. You know how many i i was. I was interested in the story of dillard sydell. Hp see you in new orleans. i was. I didn't know it was considered an ivy league. school now learned. That was see. You have a really good school. Every college president in the country gets to grade dillard on a scale of one to five according to its academic. excellence how many college presidents have been dillard. No the slightest thing about dillard had met. Somebody wants to dillard. I mean it's this crazy system where we let people just so basically what they do in they give these. Is they just award. The schools that have the biggest name recognition the most money in the bank. And you know the the fancy dorms and biggest endowments and the the the most famous alumni. That's not enrich students to right. Yeah another big thing is to graduation rate and they failed to take into account that. If you're a school like dillard and you have average family income someone dealers. Thirty thousand dollars a year. They're they're drawing from disadvantaged communities. It's really hard. You can't have ninety five percent graduation rate when you're coming from a family where if your mom loses her job you gotta go home and help out or when your dad get sick you can't. They can no longer afford tuition. You know the we're punishing schools for trying to serve communities That aren't wealthy. Which is crazy right. Why are they doing that. This just drives me absolutely crazy. The amount of weight we give to these random ranking systems that are completely inconsistent with our values with what we care about is people like even mean though like what you know like if you're like okay. My school is ranked this on the lists. Like what does that really mean in the real world. It makes it easier for the school to raise money. It's all about money. It's only about money these all these things. If i can go on the president of a school it's ranked fourth on the us news rankings. I can go to the big donor and say wow look at me. You know you can give money to one of the top schools in the country which brings up this interesting point which is drives me crazy. If you're really rich dude why would you give your money to a school. That only has money. It's the craziest thing you should. You should look at the school. Like i once did a big pus. episode on this billionaire financier in new york who gave five hundred million dollars to harvard which has four billion dollars in the bank. Why would you give half a billion dollars to school audience. forty billion. who does it's like. It's like walking into the gucci boutique. And just saying guys. Here's i got a couple thousand dollars. I think he might need it to tidy through difficult times. Nobody does that. I think there's a lot of rich people in this country. I think are are crazy now. How did how did you. As news and world report ended up owning the college ranking space. By chance. I mean they started doing as a promotional gimmick in the eighties and it caught on things about rankings whenever you do a ranking of anything people fall in love with it right everyone salute list we all if someone list of the top morning radio shows and you guys were ranked number one. You would absolutely say hey. We can't help ourselves. Even though even if i told you that the the the logic behind putting breakfast club number one was like full holes. You would say but still you wait a minute. There's no holes here has been ranking us number one for about five years which one is money because you know if you look at where you live at right. Yeah it's based off of what schools are ranked that so if you're in a district we a school. His rank top five. Let's see in the state you know that your taxes and it'll be high you know that the houses in that area going to cost more money so it's based it's a number game that plays with money. it's not. i mean these things. This the the whole question of higher education education in general in this country has somehow been perverted into something. that is all about How much money you can. you could assemble. We think what a good school is a school. That has the most money in the bank and spends the most money on on educating students. And that's not. It's not about how much money you spent. It's about the culture you create. That's what makes a great school. You think they would take the rankings away since it hurts. Abc news. i should. I mean the end of one of my of The my podcast on this. I said you know. I think it's time for students. At some of the schools that are being privileged by these rankings. The ones at the top. That are i think unfairly at the top. Been say no more kissing to stand up and say we are being unfairly privileged by a ranking system. It's just set up to make schools like us succeed and schools at. Don't educate wealthy kids fail and it is wrong for us to be participants in such a system. That'll never have like. Why would you give up their america. Because this is not something that i knew. How these rankings were. I just would read the list when it comes out and be like okay. I never thought about what goes into making this little chummy with this is interesting. Why wouldn't why is it so hard for people to give up privilege. I don't know because i say it on the radio all the time i would. I want why people to use their privileged to combat prejudice. You know if you're you know you have privilege does not like something you can just put it on the table and say here. I don't want it anymore. But at least you use it to combat the prejudice that existed outside and agree that. It's never gonna happen that these kids at these elite schools are going to say no no more. Let's dropping out. But i i'm puzzled by why it's so difficult for people.

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