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We've got a lot in common. So far, so good. Lot of noise, and it can be ugly at times, but the thirty thousand foot view thing is pretty good. If you're Republican, and I want to talk a bit about Kevin. 'cause I don't people think this is just about Trump causes not now Brett Kevin inviting no breath. Okay. I'm known him for twenty years. Right. What did you say? What you get it worked in the Bush administration who is Bush's private secretary. When he was president nothing came across Presidents Bush disc that he didn't see was very closely involved in nine eleven into what else on that day. And so brand is about as good as it gets on our side. You know, he is one of the great conservative minds of his generation. Do you agree? He would be on any Republicans list that they were president no outlier, and I was so bad told the Democrats. This is a good day could have been judge Judy as brick oven. Let's let's celebrate this. And so I've known him for a long time. I can tell you is about as mainstream as you ever get on our side, and he was the Bush guy. So President Trump heads list of people he identified that. He would choose from which was unusual anyone. So he's not doing anything exotic here and on that list or a lot of good names. Sure. Many of you know, those folks but bread and Neil Gorsuch were to the greatest picks any Republican to now. So I vote for soda Marin Kagan get the crap beat out of me at home. But that's okay. I thought that's the way it should be. I'm trying to do it the way it used to be Senator. Thurmond voted for Justice Ginsburg, not cost you agreed with her because he thought she was a qualified person. And how could you say she's not Senator Hollings the longest serving junior center. The history of the country in case, you're watching happy recent birthday for its he voted for Justice Scalia. You'll never convince me that he agreed with Justice Khalib, but he was highly qualified. So I think one got ninety six votes one got ninety seven whatever happened. Just a complete deterioration of the confirmation process. And was it always are people bor- Thomas bit of Alito now. Kevin. Oh, well, I don't know why always are people. But things have changed not for the better. So there's one person not mentioned in Cavanaugh yet. And that is Susan Collins. Of all the people who really mattered. I would put her at the top of the list Senator Collins gave an explanation of her vote. That is the Pitta me of what the founders had in mind when it came to advise and consent. It was logical well researched. She took the allegations. Seriously. She thoroughly bid at him personally looked at every Casey authored. Acquired a law professor to it buys her spent enormous amount of time looking through Brett's record and came to the conclusion that the accusations against him. Were unfounded and unjust. And at the body of his work demonstrated a king and elect a solid traditional conservative judge. So I want to thank Susan Collins for saving the rule of law now. Of. What Susan did is sustainable if every Senator did what she did. You may not vote. Yes. But you'll at least have a process that's fair the nominee consistent with the cost of understanding of our role in the Senate when make the country proud. It was logical. It was thorough. It was reasoned. The process that Britt went through is unsustainable. Hope let me tell you. Why? Who in this room would want to be next if he had failed? Anybody wanted the job after that? I would probably not vote because you're great. So so the bottom line is visit worked. They had destroyed this good man and he had to withdraw. I think that would be very difficult for conservative judges in the future the step and say, hey, let me do this. And what I told my democratic colleagues is if you can do it. We can do it. And it probably would unleash forces on the right? And Senate Judiciary committee, chairman Lindsey Graham, glad Britain made it I am very proud of the fact that President Trump did not pull the plug on Brett Kevin. A lot of people would have been tempted to do that the accusations were emotionally and the president stood behind his nominee. So it really did matter to me that Brit made it through because if he hit failed it would have destroyed the Republican party because most Republican activists would have believed that we let them down. And I want you to know that what happened to Brett should never happen again to any judicial nominee..

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