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There's no basis upon which to pursue charges because they acted reasonably rationally given the training giving the state of the law given their position as an officer. And one of the things that we were talking about during the break that I found fascinating is you know, what I see as the ideal is. I agree with you that there ought to be real consequences for making real mistakes. Right. There ought to be real consequences for abuses. Both both negligence, mistake and abuse should have real severe consequences. However what I don't wanna see is. I don't wanna see officers in scenarios where they reasonably should react in a certain way up tune, including lethal force, and they're hesitating and second guessing themselves potentially resulting in the death of themselves fellow officer or a member of the public because the instead of thinking about their tactical situation they're thinking about their legal situation. So I think that part of it is I think we really need to think carefully about exploring nonlethal force in police action shooting sandbags at people. Doing things that you know, even teargas, I know it's very. I don't love the idea of tear gas, but something like that that neutralizes situations rather than kills people. I just don't understand why police officer needs to show up and kill someone. It doesn't seem necessary. And this isn't a war. They're not in a war time between their neighborhood and the police, and so if you're taking out your gun, and they should at least feel is worried as any individual is about if you take out your gun appointed at someone else. There's going to be legal consequences for that as citizens, and I think the police officers should be held to a similar standard not the same. But if a police officer's going to point a gun at a citizen. That should be reviewed. Six five one nine eight nine.

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