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Jeff Mon on Arizona's news Station. K T A R NEWS, Mike Broom head SHOW on K T A R News. 92 3 FM and the K T A R news after Hey, thanks So much for being with me this morning. Of course. All eyes are on Georgia's still we're watching. What's happening there this late this morning, 11 O'clock Arizona time will begin the count to the Electoral College. Arizona expected to be challenging around 10 after 11 will carry that live here. But a lot still happening here in the state of Arizona, the state Legislature and what is happening within the state. So one of our representatives, Jon Kavanaugh, from Fountain Hills, asked for an opinion from the attorney general's office. Mark Burner Bitch about rescinding the governor's executive order on covert 19 from back in March of 2020. So representative Cavanaugh is joining us now. Ah, why asking about rescinding what would be the point of Resending the executive order if you're able to do it? Well, it's actually a very complex question, because the people who wrote this finally when it was written, really left a lot of loopholes and unanswered questions. So I mean the first question that I I'm we're going to be addressing this issue. Obviously. So the first question I asked the attorney general is, uh was basically is it all or nothing doesn't legislate to have to vote to totally eliminate the governor's measures or Can the Legislature moderate or reduce them? The second question is, if we eliminated them will reduce them. Could the governor turn around the next day and re issue them? But the Lord is silent on that. Uh, the other big issue that we're talking about is what about local governments? Ah, lot of people want to get rid of the governor's Coben measures because they think that they're they're you know too much. But unanswered question is if the governor if we terminate the governor's emergency powers will that unleash every county and municipality to impose their own emergency powers because it looks like What's controlling the local governments and counties now are the governor's emergency orders. Which state that because the law says that that no local government can have a Lord inconsistent with the governors. Governor. Ducey has not imposed overly oppressive measures. Certainly compared to other states. I mean, what pretty much open for business, so the concern that I have is if we were to have the votes to terminate the emergency powers. With that suddenly unleash Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff two to put in totally draconian measures that some of their elected people have been talking about. So trying to get the answers when, when you look at that, and let's start with those three cities. The problem with that is, I'm sure you know is that if Phoenix would implement so it's kind of draconian measures. Shut down restaurants again. That would benefit Scottsdale in Glendale in Peoria and the neighboring cities Chandler because you would just go across city lines and be able to still do those things, which would severely hurt businesses in Phoenix and not too much good, But are you looking for? Let's say the rescinding of this. Are you looking for the Legislature to have a seat at the table when these decisions are made? Are you? What? What would be the goal of doing this? Yeah, well, I'm on a special committee that's looking into this and I'm not going to address this because we probably need some modification. One of the problems is that the Lord allows both chambers of the Legislature to terminate the orders. By majority vote, But that only works when we're in session, because if we're out of session, it takes the signatures of two thirds of the members in both chambers. To go back into session unless the governor calls us so if people want to restrict or eliminate the governor's orders, you know the governor's not gonna call us in. So that means when we're not in session, even though majority in both chambers and the emergency orders, it takes two thirds of the members to sign on to go in to do that, so it's really a two thirds at that needs to be corrected. On. A lot of people want to see an automatic review of the governor's orders after 30 60 90 days where we automatically come back in and have tea. Oh, you know, approve of them or or modify them or let them continue, But that's one proposal. Yeah, we all understand that Executive order processes necessary when things need to be expedited, But I think you're right that the ability for the Legislature away in and not give so much power to the executive branch is the right thing to do. And if I were the governor with everything that's going on with covert, I wouldn't want to go with this alone anymore. Either. I would want the input of the Legislature grab. Absolutely. And by the way, it's not about this governor because anything we other than you know, going back and ending the orders. Any modifications that we make to the law for the future. We would probably be for a different governor. Because thank God these thieves, pandemic type things only occur, you know, decades apart. Um, What have you had Any conversation, your committee and a conversation with the governor's office about the order? No, no, no. I mean, well, I mean, I was thinking back. I mean, I have I have spoken on numerous occasions with the governor's office. Legislative liaison. You know, you know, passing on you. No complaints. Suggestions? You know, I'm the last one I called about had to do with Why aren't we getting additional vaccines to take into account that we've got a whole lot of people from? You know snowbirds from Minnesota and Wisconsin and the Dakotas down here? I mean, they gave these vaccines out based on state population, But during this time period, we are greatly increased by these other state residents moving here, But we don't get extra, you know, and they were amenable to that. And I believe that they're talking to DC, about getting some extra Vaccines to take that into account. If you were to have you the way you would want it, what would you like to see? Eliminated or changed with the executive order from the governor? Well, I would decriminalize it first off. I mean, I don't. I think it's crazy to make it a crime for somebody like not to wear a mask or something like that. S so I think that's the really big thing I would like to, you know, I would not have any limits on on gatherings. As long as there's reasonable safety precautions taken on. I certainly would, you know on the governor doesn't like the governor has actually prohibit a lot of the stuff that people don't like that's happening in other states. One of the things that governor put in. One of his emergency orders is that no county or municipal government can put in measures stricter than hiss. So he's actually controlled a lot of really wild suggestions. Like you know, like curfews. We can't even leave your house, shutting down indoor dining I we just had a briefing from the joint from our joint legislative budget budget staff, non Protestant We're actually looking at a surplus of revenue because of good economic activity in Arizona somewhere in the area 1.5 to $2 billion, and that's because We didn't shut down like other states did so, you know, Overall, I'd like to see things loosened a bit electricity decriminalization, But I think people have to realize that the governor has kept a lot of stuff open. You know, there was some shaky starts The gym's I thought, God, you know, short changed movie theaters, but you know, overall, I'm not that upset. What's happening? I'd like to see some trimming, but not not that much. I don't want to eliminate completely. Because that could be a problem. Well, I always appreciate your willingness to come on and look forward as session goes on his things move forward. I'd love to see where this goes and have you come on again. Okay, I'll be more than happy to, you know? All right, thanks. That is a that is represented John Kavanagh from Fountain Hills with a little bit of a clarification what they're looking for and saying that there's a lot of loopholes and it exist in the existing laws and the way they are. He's looking for clarification, if not for this governor, but for things in the future to clarify what the governor can do what the Legislature is able to do in response. And then how things play out. What does that trigger? So it Zach Chua Li a little bit more than just about Cove it, but that's a representative Jon Kavanaugh. Joining us for a few moments talking about the distribution of the vaccine, and that's what he had just alluded to..

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