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So a couple of things I was a Russ fan, I'm not a hater, but I don't see the value of having them on the court, no natural pace, no ability to create or shoot in poor IQ. Another comment about Westbrook said, Westbrook attempted wide open threes when he could have drove the ball attacked the rim or find the open shooter. His decision is so poor, what do you think? I thought the kings did a really nice job walling off the paint tonight. Every time Russell Westbrook went to drive, he had one, if not two people, just standing right in his way. Alex Lyon even exaggerated it and basically invited Russell Westbrook. He played ten feet off of him and just prevented him from getting to the rim and this was kind of left unsure of what to do. So yeah, and messes with you. When you play basketball, and someone gives you, if someone bites you with that much space, no matter how bad of a shooter you are, you are very, very, very tempted. And it's hard to resist that urge unless you're a big band that absolutely never shoots. Can I tell you a funny joke? I took the on Russell Westbrook's second half points. The line was at 11. And I was going to text you and say, I'm nervous because this would not be surprising if rust just decides to ball hog and shoot until he gets to like 12 points. Do you want to guess how many of the second half points scored? Zero. Yeah, I was going to say it's got to be like zero. He's only three for 14 on the night. Wow. Yeah, no, it was zero. And yeah, that's just so disappointing that I wasn't and I was hoping to be wrong. Because if he scores more than 11, I'm gonna assume the Lakers are doing not bad. But no. So sorry, that was a quick aside. And you didn't need to do it. So one one. Does that make you feel better? You won. You won your bet. No. Now we're all upset. Oh my gosh. It's not worth it. At what cost? It's not worth say, Jordan said, will they ever learn? Rush down the stretch equals don't let him shoot. Don't give him the ball period. He's cold, AF all night. When is enough enough? Did you notice the kings in the arena when they announced Russell Westbrook? The king's arena played cold as ice. Yes. And then he was. It's funny. Jared shocker said, if we don't win the chip this season, I'm much rather sea Austin Reeves, take half of his minutes to expedite his progress. He's so good. So if you make the decision, okay, we're not going to win this year. Just start throwing all the minutes you can in Austin Reeves, right?.

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