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Confidence in receivers to Josh wasn't hit with any jaw drop one earlier in the game trust in their receiving core. About ten for fifteen on third down today for the Pittsburgh Steelers James Connor, by the way, as we mentioned he's over one hundred yards. That's the fourth straight game. He's got over one hundred. Raymond's called their first time out is the crowd starts to head towards the exits Rothlisberger in the shotgun. Conor to his right. Connor the Carey left side. And he's brought down right away by Judah the forty eight yard line gain of one another timeout. Call by John Harbaugh not over yet. But certainly the amount of time. Baltimore. It's a thirty second timeout certainly the amount of time that Baltimore could have had obviously diminished. They met a couple of questions on third down and haven't been able to. Really puts them in a tough situation here because they do have some timeouts remaining which one. And they're in a situation, though, where you know, the ball in midfield to almost go the length of the field. They were able to stop the Steelers here on this possession. Douglas draft started with five twenty three left McLaughlin, and we're down on two minutes now. Yeah, we were talking about, you know, their longest drive being over eight eight minutes. So it's certainly conceivable. Rothlisberger in the shotgun. One fifty to go one time outlet for the ravens and off Connor left side Connor tried abouts outside but he's brought down for a loss of the yard by Eric Weddell. Make that Jimmy Smith. Losses Ellwood earlier. And now the final time out and final charged timeout. Baltimore a thirty second timeout. And so with a stop here on third and eleven from midfield. You figure that Baltimore will be able to get this right around one minute, probably a few seconds less. But again as you said, they'll be backed up even the road territory. Don't forget about the famous crossing route here, Josh, and he could be. Do you think would risk throwing up third down here? Not many teams would but Mike Tomlin notoriously aggressive. They run by the way, seventy five place today. This'll be played. That's why all the statistics in the National Football League small these earlier years, they're almost irrelevant to what's happening right now in football. Here's the game. Third down at eleven from midfield rothlisburger in the shotgun counter to his left. One forty five ago Rothlisberger will throw it Rothlisberger. Looking Rothlisberger time Rothlisberger hit? And he goes down the forty yard line for a sack with one thirty five. Dave's moving. Matthew Judah with the sack? That's his now two and a half on the year. No timeouts left for the ravens. So the clock continues to move, and they will get a chance with no timeouts left. I think the most important thing for Ben Rothlisberger was.

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