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Said he interpreted the report as back to congress. What is your response to what congressman Amodu says the other thing since he made his statement about? I don't think congressman mosh is worth the time in the White House. Primary opponent or will the president of support the president? That from the northbound to White House earlier today is hair Sander's meeting with reporters and all day. We've been asking for your opinion on Robert Muller. His first public statement since taking over a special counsel in L officially stepping down from that Justice department position. Here's some of you have been saying on the C span radio listener feedback line. Hi Janet calling from what they see. And what I've heard from glove, milk Mueller. Press conference today at that he essentially it saying to congress do your shop. Everything is in the report, he lent. All you need to move for the to do your job. I'm good. It's up to congress now. Thank you. Good. Ricki. Maryland. I missed into my laissez. But that did it what's he supposed to do the job? Below was, I guess to it. Stay in night included, I would have sent anyone to prison. I believe that this president. The law of kids. Case also. Nuuk ships, who. Lixin. Okay, your calls, and comments on the C span radio listener feedback lines. So how did Robert Muller's televised statement from the Justice department play out among the television pundits? Here's a sampling. We'll begin with Bret Baier host of special report on the Fox News channel prepare standing by anchor a special report Brett, your take away from all that, Robert Mueller resigning and returning to private life. And he said a lot there did. He also said he is not planning on testifying and bills, right? There could be a subpoena that compels him to, but he's making the choice not to I was struck by the tone, and tenor of those remarks as he laid out his his case, wrapping up this report, this was not as the president says, time and time again. No collusion. No obstruction. It was much more nuanced than that. He said specifically they couldn't find evidence sufficient to move forward with a crime on the issue of conspiracy. On the collusion part of the investigation of the Trump campaign, he said, specifically if they had found that the president did not commit a crime on obstruction. They would have said that and then went into specific details about the DOJ policy and why they couldn't move forward with anything else than their decision. Now what's going to happen with this? This statement is going to be digested and looked over analyzed word for word up on Capitol Hill. It was not anywhere as clear cut as attorney general Bill bar. In fact, it was almost exactly the opposite not clear cut that from Bret Baier of the Fox News channel. Also among the cable pundits, this response from judge engine Apollo Tano who often supports President Trump making these remarks on the FOX business network. Unfortunately, we have judge Napolitano back with us to give the legal aspects of this judge before you launch into this Lizzy would you again, raid, what to me? I think you'll agree with this is to me, the key sentence read, if we have confidence the president did not commit a crime. It would've said, so that is in the mullahs report. And we if we had competence, the president did not commit a crime. We would have said could happen, little I cannot agree with Lizzie any more than I do that opens the door for the Democrats to pounce effectively. What Bob Muller said is we had evidence that he committed a crime, but we couldn't charge him because he's the president of the United States. This is even stronger than the language in his report. This is also a parting shot at his soon to be former boss, the attorney general because this statement is one hundred and eighty degrees from the four-page statement that Bill bar issued at the time he I saw reported that bad. I think so. So I think basically saying the president Campi indicted, otherwise, we would have indicted him, and where we're not going to charge him with a crime because there's no forum in which for him for him to refute the charges, but we could not say that he didn't commit a crime fill in the blank, because we believe he did. This is about the obstruction of Justice side. I also think that there is for the Democrats on the conspiracy side, he didn't say there was no conspiracy. He just said, we were not able to establish beyond a reasonable doubt. There's some evidence of it one hundred twenty seven communications between rushing agents and Trump campaign officials from November of from July of fifteen member of sixteen but not enough for us to make a criminal case out of it that perspective from judge Napolitano on the FOX business network on ABC's commentary, following remarks by Robert Muller. There's this from former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who for a time headed up the Trump transition team. Here's what. He had to say this has been taken away, now from the legal processes, that's the word that, that Robert Mueller us and being put right back in to the political arena. I do think that those comments by five mother about in theater the other properties, obviously peach mint on being be only constitutional way to choose a president of wrongdoing, definitely contradicts with the attorney general said when he summarized Muller's report and said that he has to draw inclusion on, on Muller clearly contradicts that today in a very concise way. And I think also now if the end of this, it's kind of what number of us is Dan, and I've been saying all along that direction issue was never going to be department of Justice or special counsel. Call in the end on a sitting president. This is the call of the congress playing their role as a Coequal branch of government. And they're now going to have to decide what it is. They want to do that analysis of former New Jersey Governor and a friend of the president. Chris christie. We'll have more tomorrow morning on C Span's Washington journal, and other news. It has been a terrible spring for.

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