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Two seconds. I can't sweat that. I can't. Appreciate the call, man. Thank you, Tim. You lava Stephen was up Steve as thank you for covering boxing. Is it time to put Adrian Browner to bed as a mouse over paid guy who loves to get beat up? I'm not gonna say overpay because he only made two point five million for the fight pack. Ya may ten million. We're living in the Dan age. We're cats getting paid fifty and one hundred million dollars. So I'm not gonna say overpaid. What I will tell you is. I don't know what was wrong with Adrian Brown pros fight saying he won that fight against back hail. No. He did not. He did not win that fight Taqi. Al was all over him. I mean, he got thoroughly beat on. And he got thoroughly beat decision wise on that fight. I don't know what he was talking about. When he said everybody knows he wanted to fight Adrian Brodie win that fight eligible. And by the way, Jim grape pointed out accurately, he averaged like what less than eight punches around. What did I say when I interviewed him last week on Jim? I said they say you don't throw putschist me. He said, it ain't about how many is about the right, Tom. Well, it was no, right. Tom against pack. Yeah. Well, it's it's it kind of shocked me 'cause Paki out tens to lean lead with his head, which which is how Marquez got him in that third. Correct. Correct. But he was he was quicker. He was he was quick he was predictably more aggressive. He connected more that eighth and ninth round. He was all over Adrian Brown all over him and Adrian Bruna did not throw enough this. He did not do enough brunches. And isn't see see when I think about Adrian Brodie. No, I think about Zab Judah guys like that. I'm talking about guys who are incredibly talented, but somewhere along the way they wasted that talent for whatever reason they wasted talent. I'm talking I'm not looking at them as fight as I'm telling you. These are cats that were champions and could. Have been a league champions. If they addressed this sport with the serious this that they deserve because they were that skilled I find Adrian Brunel to be skilled, but he gets in the ring and he doesn't wanna throw purchase. And I'm always shocked by that. You can't win a fight. If you don't let your hands go about that. How about that? Jim. Yeah. Absolutely, right, though argument here, no argument here, Jerry, you lava Stephen they talked to me first time caller. What can you hear me clearly cancer Baker foam? Yes. Okay. So let me share a little information with you yesterday. The the football game in New Orleans was one of the most important things in the state of Louisiana. You just cannot imagine the amount of passion that was in that stadium. Our would say it was allowed wildest stadium in the history of sports. Okay. That's what the saints mean to the city of New Orleans down. It's the worst football call in the history of football, in my opinion. The only thing that tops. It is the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series against the cardinals. You know, when they got called out on a called safe at first base in game six. Now this Roger Goodell. We haven't heard boo from him yet. But I believe that he owes the state of Louisiana an apology. I believe the the officials should be fired today and each saints player. How many players you think the saints have that are undrafted play. They must have seven on our after they housing. Thousand dollars. What is your paws? My point is that I believe these saints players that should be getting a Super Bowl of cut of two hundred thousand each layer. That's not censor. That's not sense. You would not be saying that if this were another team with all due respect, you would not be saying this if this was someone other than your New Orleans Saints. I understand it was a horrible horrible. No call. I understand. I understand that totally. I get it. The flip side to all of this. However is that they a blown call cost you. But that doesn't entitle the U2. Super Bowl personal anything like that. No. It does not, sir. I I understand I agree with you..

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