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As wp leafs. Ads headed for game seven on monday night. And this series took a while to get going jimmy but with the last. Two games have been extremely entertaining. Now i might be coming from an anti leaf fan because basically in both games kind of the both fall the same sort of script montreal goes to an early three. Nothing lead in game five fritter it away and then montreal wins in overtime anyway. Same kind of deal and game six montreal two to nothing. Lead leafs comeback furiously tie and montreal wins in overtime again. And it's to me. It's become a very compelling series and all of a sudden the leafs who seemed to be in full control of three one series. Now i gotta think the pressure all the pressure in the world is now on t. Oh no kidding man. No kidding this would arguably be the biggest upset in the playoffs. Hands down hands down. No one gave much show. Montreal fans didn't give my jarallah shot in this thing. I don't mind losing our bet. Because i've winnipeg in the other series. They're already through beating your oilers out and i. I took toronto in this. I was really that convinced. Oh that's right on paper. It's no contest but that's the nature of hockey. It really doesn't matter what the paper looks. Like any can happen in a short series. The stats here super. Look at the goalies right. Now jack campbell. He's a nine thirty seven. Save percentage which is higher than kerry price has been very good to lisa von shot the canadians in the series tool five to one seventy five leafs scored the canadians in the series. Seventeen to eleven and yet here. We are in game seven. This is why people go crazy on all the analytics and all the crazy numbers is just reminded that this only one bit of stats that matter. And that's the two that are on the scoreboard right right. Yeah i'll be watching stevie i'll be watching. Yeah like i said at the beginning of this round with toronto in montreal when everyone was saying oh this is going to be short series is going to be. I could hear all the toronto magic is going to stop contain that please take. Yeah and what did you think of seeing all the fans of the game. Twenty five hundred fans were finally led into a game in canada to watch an event quebec. I guess is a little more relaxed than the rest of the country. But it's been a long time since we've seen fans at a canadian. Nhl game and it was really nice to see. I got to say seeing them belt out over and to see them reacting when montreal was scoring and other family fans there as well. But how about the cost of seats if you. I'm not sure. The halves were charging. But i know unreal resale on ticketmaster and stubhub for his high as eight grand. A seat seat my friend for the whole twenty five hundred if i bought them it was eight grand for tell you what i'll tell you what A bit of a couch right okay. They're gonna they're gonna gouge right. They gotta make up for what what they haven't had. I guess but this makes me think of the other stories that we tr- we traded this morning All you gotta do is listen to the players go golf recently right started allowing them into a now hockey and you hear these players after it's not it's not just some sort of platitude that they're giving about yes great to have fans back..

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