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Now, you can smell like grassed candles, grass, or whatever dirt mitt dirty, dirty baseball mitt or whatever. What are you searching? I'm Jacob Campo body wash. They don't know candles, if you're famous or making such weird bad smells, you should definitely make body wash sprays. Honestly, Yankee candle, pumpkin. Buttercream I wanna bathe in it. Also we act like we act like axe body, spray is the, the body, spray them. But like Victoria secret was doing these body sprays for way before. Oh, yeah. Really? Good. Yankee hit. My mom always had Yankee candle home sweet home. What is home? Sweet home, smell like my mom's house. What is it? What's the sent it smells like noth- nothing? It's like. What does that mean truly? I wanna see Yankee candle. I wanna see Yankee candles explanation of home, sweet home, because it doesn't smell like, anything it says, okay, we go, a heartwarming blend of cinnamon baking spices. And freshly poured t I guess it's top fragrances are apple cinnamon than nutmeg cherry, juniper berry, and Komen and musk. I mean this is what you're out. Smell Mike did smell like this? Although the thing about candles, they don't really like the odor. Isn't that intense from gangqi candle, you have to be pretty close to it? Right. Yeah. No, it's true. It's like candles are candles are sort of scams. I mean. 'specially expensive ones. Sometimes candles can be candles can be nice. Sometimes I go to other people's houses in there, have candles. And I'm like, wow, must be nice. You know, I guess, like if you're the only candles at actually do anything, and create and overpowering overwhelming set, or expensive, candles, but, like Elia a twenty dollar Yankee candle is not going to set your house like on fire in the like aroma department. But what if it's the limited edition of alfresco afternoon sent or how about moonlit blossoms or white strawberry Bellini? How about Belgian waffles candle yet? How about these are all like new sense, for like the spring. They come they're out there so out of ideas that they're now coming up with the most wild shit grilled peaches and vanilla. That's great. I love I have. I love girl peaches, there's also some peaches. You know what Easter basket home? Sweet home is one of their biggest selling candles, make sense..

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