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Glass that one point five ounces of simple green okay and put it in that way first water then pneumonia then the simple going shared during that up that's the cleaning bucket they need to have another bucket it's gon na rentz water in no have a different sponge and that one right okay so they're take the claiming look at it you know watch this we're liberally after you lightly said it everything and then you gotta rinne said twice and throw that rentz water away after you do three or four cabinet okay but new rentz what if they have a lotta clean solution because of cleanly solutions gonna bite in the the words going to really go after any kind a cleaner set were used even wax us and like pledge and all that stuff now you mentioned to paint lines val speier ensure when williams in very very good lines i'm going to point into a different direction for a little bit just this is suggestion and it's caught nickel painting supply in for a much oh i'm gon very well yeah they sell a product call well born a que you a be all are and he and so ram make pick cool born ceramic pick and they that is owned by a big graham like graham crack curse graham with the paint company so if you wan old will learn more about what i'm talking about the graham paint that calm kang in your near stuart it stacks this golden lustrous product is nickel paint supply now what's different about it it's a very high volume solid to pick meant it's maybe for high abrasion environments okay and you might really wanna take a look at that okay because you're going to be touchdown with fingers right and that's an abrasion that comes in contact with and this stuff when it sets up one that's what with call cole last as intimate que orders it is rock card they that there's cycles on this thing are off the charts trying to break the film so that many people know but it's a small company.

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