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I think that this is just preposterous. And I think that the president that this set is dangerous not only to the city and Canosa not only to the state of Wisconsin but to our country was paralyzed in the incident. A covert 19 variant detected in four states, including hard hit California Ready. Four cases of the cove in 19 variant were known in San Diego County. And now the county is reporting 24 Mork confirmed and form or probable cases to a total of 32 Cove in 19 Varian cases in the county. 16, or men, 16 or women. The 24 newly confirmed cases have no travel history and come from 19 households. It's believed the very end he is spreading in communities across the country at this point Like stone. ABC NEWS LOS Angeles URGENT cases, forcing Houston to roll back re openings. You're listening to ABC News. And it's 4 10. We've got a check of your traffic and weather together. Right now we'll head over to our kck Traffic center with Dana has Sacramento County Public Health fan right now downtown with split nine minutes. Eastbound Cap City. You do have some heavy traffic in midtown on, but it looks like that's dissipating quickly, though. West Mount still kind of heavy. Is you coming from art into the river and into Midtown as well? Chat about 99 a jammed up at this time, Actually, I five be quicker 11 minutes here opposed to about 15 minutes on 99 because of an accident down around 47 North bound is really heavy as well from macron all the way up to about fruit Bridge and again earlier accident to blame going to Folsom Boulevard. He's found 50 gonna be a 90 minute ride. 16 minutes downtown of Woodland North, Found I five and out to Davis. Westbound 80 is nine minutes this time..

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