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You the fact that you have a bunch of older players in there. Are you going to get maturity and Aaron Ramsey to go and run around and do the work that and go Conde last year? Are you going to get the centrebacks to go in and play the defensive higher line especially when they're older now? I'm not sure I'm not sure how this is all going to work. I think he certainly has his work cut out from Franklin Paul to replace him. That seems to be the impetus right now. There's also talk that, that Darby has offered him a new contract to try and get him to stay. No doubt, Darby will want compensation. No question. Franklin part. And also, we need to give a shout out to Jody Morris, of course. Who was former Chelsea youth coach and did really, really well. He's parts assistant. He'll be coming in as well. If they do come in that seems to be the direction in which they're heading. It's amazing. How that tackle this to find the PISA alum Paul, but lake soldiers got ten extent, it's much more experienced by the way of managing than front. Bent years, more experience years and years is amazing how finds jokes funds or any funds when when a club appoints a manager. And you, you don't agree with how fix out being. I trying, you know, fight you off because you'd against this Klobe even though this. Manager. Hasn't got any real experience apart from ten to twelve months at Darby now he's very tricky situation. Yeah. Ten chilly at Chelsea with players going with signing issues with engineers to younger guys. The social media from from some this less just, just written as well as all the young guys are gonna get John's. No, no. That's, that's not necessarily the case because it's still a results driven business on. Why might be a nice sentiment he'll mobile and then it'd be Stevie end today. You want to be giving young guys a chance if the good. No, where you're going to get results. And I don't see anything else than trying to appease a section of the support. It's a mistake. Well, we can see that before to get the job. You can't see that before to get Joel. But he doesn't have the experience. You know, when you're the head coach, right. You've probably spend more time dealing with things other than coaching on the field. There's no there's no way. Frank doesn't always on union. This five is as far as. Xs and os and tactics and all this stuff, but, but so much more goes into the actually what you see on the field as dealing with please making decisions going to boat things, the right way. And that comes with time and experience and Frank doesn't have that. And most of all has no experience of dealing with what's going to happen with no sign ins. You've lost your best player. The guys are going to be relying on the future and not going to be joining the team because their NGO the lakes, the lakes, have da. And he's going to she's allusion. He's, you know experience how handle handle up, it's amazing. How am both if you compare to two guys, but into bed clubs source, Karen, lot and front lump on the booth Wavell headed intelligent, experienced football guys. But it's amazing that perception perceptions, incredible among supporters in almost closed. The big picture, and sorry blindfold. Source car and lump pob, particularly lump piles if he had no Chelsea connection, and had one years, managerial experience Darby county. This would be degraded when they failed to get promotion. Well, they. In addition more than decent for season. But I've no connection for that football club best derided ridiculous. It's a crazy notion that seem to have as that because guy played for a club, a understands the quote about the Chelsea fans, who is screaming yet, but look quantity Ola he didn't have any coaching experience came in. Things like that. But he did he did. Well, we're going to be a also ill..

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