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I was on a come right back the other way and then they come in waves and catch the lightning on some long ships rating point folly stamp displays of when it's their eyes don't sit in circuit jab looks to knock out a clear example handles it could do so although directed at the sunrise and you don't need a writer things a little idea kill certify the lighting that bounces up in your site to remind you to steal the gear right away to point point ice is that so that's three icing's accounting already in the third once a delighted to for the latest it's going to be a big test you mentally for the lightning as we talked about how difficult this game was coming into it with this this travel schedule that they had and it's really gonna test them now some players about to play a lot of hockey in the last forty eight hours and you have to buckle down from the start mentally Walmart wins the face up good job good job guy right and Hilton's fees in the flex the shot out of place not only get a team please offer to you know what Carolina once the hurricanes won at the very least get an early goal maybe more than one but they get an early goal the crowd gets into it the start feeling good about themselves well I do want to prevent that from happening this three nothing is large loss will circulate of a battle of bad what's he wasn't has the big time in the second period bodies look really sharp for them when he has in this game fifty fifty part of the draw to display even right point Lucas wallmark nineteen intercepted by Carly currency are your to summarize the red lights and today I see that Mitchell Stephens pursues them before tickets for the first call the game back in the first period you know what to make a play for gore to stay awake Jeannie could cleared out the turnout greatly process which is Steven floodwater server he Sanders it loosened frontcourt could get a sticker on it more note birds for begin of clear to the new tools October gets about reading covert drift to zone and right side the record just missed his stick in another icing this is where the lady got into trouble in the first period and they've had a lot of icing's already early in the third right now it's break ten seconds for species identification allied radio W. F. L. A. W. X. T. B. D. to Clearwater W. two six five C. demand that point W. two thirty three eighteen Gulfport W. two nine zero BJ western the other part of life plot as a problem area for the lady is the games with very good a face off all in the rally mayor one by Caroline at what point do Gardner the little one full of certain centerpoint stretching off you'd say based on a day made by the us let's get Jordan's all I was the best we can so for the period for Carolina in Colbert's able to clear Gartner rattles it back in Ruda please around the far side will is there Carolina feeling a little bit of right now your stored saltwater centering it got knocked away by plot medial lockable to the nearby words and it's clear by board back to Caroline ended plots each other with every plot division of the record a lot of the right circle gets jacked taken away by four wheel down the ice comes in on bass Lossky similar fraction phrasing because of the end of it but no lifted Tyler Johnson at center ice Johnson leave the personal Rallye rallies in a traffic jam gets back to Johnson the team today a quick counter though for our call eat up the middle is missed by the single Johnson on a counter left wing bloc onsite across one of circle she walked right the floorboards intercepted by PopCap ease immediately dispossessed by heated floor eighty four clears it to summarize good stick had been knocked down a couple times right back in flurry again a philosophical hall exited model like uniform and it's got to the third three nothing like John Kirk these maroon at center ice you back into the war on the part of the for tech maroon right circle safe passage taken away by the writer you don't need a ride James for ages one touch the auto lighting so it's about survival of circle dropouts good stick their maroon deflected pass leave it out of the zone Caroline in Dublin Georgia which is about double room room will gene into the Carolina defensive zone Hilton insulated play catch reserving lighting the third level of sight teravainen don't sit in its with right back up my shopping cart reporter but it's got to the third David terrified these are whole across the lighting lied about the whole what corner process be Niederreiter I do it right circle Niederreiter is checked by circuit Gemma the parking free for shot Kirk trying.

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