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About us there on the podium, but I think they're bronze. I think when you get it to international corruption, pretty see if they put kids on the football field, and then maybe they'll get silver. You know, I mean, they put kids on the field. They may rank up your World Cup 2020 22. It's coming. Okay, Very cutter. I'll take it here. Whatever it takes. And then what is the state of Of Irish Ireland. Soccer time still underway Right now we're still in the grips of qualified, but I think it worked. I think you get it. I mean, you obviously get it every four years, But I think you get a summer soccer tournament. Generally, every year like this would have been Olympics, right? And then, yeah, right. European Bureau was a couple of years ago. So next year would have been the Confederations Cup right, which is usually I think a lot of my time out of my league right now. They didn't tell you they do. Generally, they do a cup in the in the city that's supposed to host the World Cup like a mini tournament the year before. I believe that's what they do. Yeah, You're right. I don't want to see its confederations. But that might be the wrong name. Actually you. Eva, 2020 was supposed to go on this summer this summer supposed to go on. He did have to cancel it here. The tournament scheduled to take place? Yeah, they delayed it for a year. Because the pandemic so euro 2020 was supposed to be this summer. Neuro thing in the World Cup was two years away. That's right. OK, ifs up anyway. Polly that how about that? That cartoon? Right? Yeah, with the dog. That's tough to just look. He's looking for his master. He's out there looking real quick. So once once Charlton stepped down, what is the What I meant is like what? It's been a little bit of a mess. Yeah, that's what I'm asking. Where are they today? Just as they did, and nothing will ever be. He is innocent, beautiful as it was then because now there's sort of like infighting and cynicism and their skeptically and there's criticism and all. It's just like the glory that golden Jack Jack was like Boki. In that those you know now it's like it'll never be the same. You know, I'd do anything in life football. She name it. Holly plucks the Bobby Charlton stuff is crazy like he was so the Manchester United believe was playing in a in a match against Bayern Munich or somebody in Germany, and they tried to take off during a blizzard. This was like in the late fifties. Yeah, and the and the plane crashed. And I think like 20 to 25 players Were killed on this plate. Like you say it's a Munich air disaster is a huge and Bobby Charlton. One of the few players survived and then was knighted and I can't confirm. I believe he came back to play like you played for, like another 10 years or something like you guys are all my doors. This is one of the biggest disasters with your brother. The plane crash. There's a lock on it is a huge is a legendary story he played. And then they see in that one of those final frames in that cartoon policy, Jack being the gentleman the greatest play I ever saw was Bobby Charles. Yes, my brother. Is it like the Giambi's or is he way beyond like she's not? Wow, It's a child like legendary Jeremy No more like DiMaggio..

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