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A what one more word on this whole immigration thing on this whole illegal thing look at california well i'll tell you what unless we do something about this issue of immigration the entire country is going to be california hey stay full of illegals about a quarter of the no more than that almost thirty percent of the children in california public elementary schools are in this country illegally back with reagan when we last had major league big old amnesty in this country about seventy seventy five percent of the illegals went to and were in california california is what this entire country will look like if we continue down this path of granting amnesty to people in this country illegally and of lip rowley allowing anybody and everybody to come into this country legally all of the chain migration all of the the beasts immigration programs if we don't get serious in priorites eyes who we let in this country i'll say it again the entire country's going to be california california will never vote republican again california will never have a republican governor again california will never have another have a republican senator ever again hillary won the popular vote because of california it is a state bankrupt because of illegals not just because of their big bloated government but because of all of the illegals living in that country it scares me in that state it ought to be its own country living in that state right now sucking off of government a big issue i talk about it a lot we don't have a firm grasp on our border w we don't have an immigration policy in this country for fifty some odd years we've dumbed it all down and we've we've we've all loud people with eighth grade education to to pour into this country we've never once sat back and said now wait a minute who should we led into this country should we let people into this country who will actually provide value who might start businesses who are ashley educated who have skills we don't ask those things we've just let the poorest and the least educated into this country and these people vote democrat i'm talking now about the ones who we've let in legally legal immigrants into america over the last fifty years they vote overwhelmingly democrat their uneducated they don't have skills and they vote democrat look at california that's why this is important that's why granting amnesty to another eight hundred thousand illegals these daca recipients you are you will.

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