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Instagram at mark air on this is the market show headlights on six twenty eight dot dot terrible ninety five point five W. S. B. it's getting better on eighty five north side the perimeter but still slow and go their break came and then you're really hit it between Doraville in Norcross between two eighty five and about beaver ruin exit one of two evils of eighty five south delays across the Pleasant Hill exit one oh four spot apart okay cool rake it readers have a little better news in but can't crash they have been knocking out two right lanes we see on the right shoulder on the jam cam at the beginning of the transition ramp right to be peeved between not Lennix wrote in Georgia four hundred it's actually at the end of the ramp and off to the right the traffic is slow in the area and jammed up still through the construction zone out to the north springs marta station easing the northbound lanes though and the delays we've been following between Alpharetta incoming on four hundred out of the northwest Mike chills all brake lights in the five door down from two eighty five getting a two week green road crash on the chain came in Cartersville seventy five south on highway twenty X. number two ninety that's in the right lane five seven five north on improving to send the brake lights and tells her getting up to highway eight ninety two the support is brought you by Kaiser Permanente a city George employees with Kaiser permanent take a doctor's lab in prescriptions all under one roof open enrollment ends November eighth visit my dot KP dot org slash S. H. B. P. Kaiser Permanente a thrive trouble team traffic ninety five point five W. SB a horror show people are just dying to get home a little earlier the day to get first word of trick or treat traffic killer traffic team.

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