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Or wherever you get your podcasts program. Prerecorded propped synchronizing many really bad days. Where I've woken up in the morning. Turn on the radio and they've turned it completely around junk has been chopped off of crate way to start the day so much now so much conversation. This is Mr Michael. Oppenheim me. Hell for eating animal crackers all cut a Beijing. This Guy Shirish Shabas to one on. This show have never felt more perfect more well rounded Gandhi. You're amazing this great great. I love that. This is the best story in the morning show. Well you know you're waking up or maybe you're getting off his shift I gotTa remind you today is Friday you know. Friday is a whole different day these days than it used to be several months ago right. I love the texts already coming through. It may be Friday but no rest for this garbage trucker till Saturday. Hey tomorrow Saturday. I'm so looking forward to you getting some rest. If you're coming off shift at the hospital or going on shift. We applause. We applause you. We applaud you. Sound of four people clapping fabulous today. Welcome to Friday. Hi Danielle. There's Gandhi in her living room for years. Froggy and his guest bedroom. Good Morning Scary Master Control at Z..

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