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Going from two thousand three to two thousand twenty one. Okay all six of them begin. The y axis is the the women all six of them. The dolls begin in two thousand three and their red lines all of them. Extent to two thousand eight win bakar leaves. Then sure zinger roberts sudduth thornton wyatt continue on until two thousand ten in two thousand ten roberts saga thornton and wyatt drop off so from two thousand to two thousand eleven nicole. Scherzinger is the only pussycat doll. She's a solo act for one year and this according to this chart the pussycat dolls was only nicole scherzinger in two thousand ten to twenty eleven. I mean it makes sense that they tried to make that happen because that's what she wanted all along and they said okay girly will just give you some backup dancers and like you try and make this work by yourself then she. She didn't want to at all. She wanted to be a major broadway actor. Speaking of mater broadway actors mark ronson married gummer pop quiz which gummer did mark and mary. I think it's grace but the problem with the gummer's is you can't you can't say oh. He married grace gummer. You have to say he married newsroom. Gummer you have to. You have to distinguish there is newsroom. Gummer there is ricky and the flash gummer. there are two gummer's you have to know which gummer you have to know your gummer's i have suffered from not knowing gummer's for many years now in fact i wrote about not knowing my gummer's in boulter i've not known my gummer since in two thousand and thirteen at this point so he married newsroom governor not ricky in the flash gummer he married newsroom gummer okay. We're not calling them grace or mamie ever again. We're calling them. Newsroom gummer and ricky and the flash gummer mark ronson. Mary's newsroom gummer. Meryl streep is his mother in law which is just a wild thing to say. Don is his father in law. No last name which is not as wild thing to say because just kind of a normal thing to say that dawn is his father in law and he wrote a very sweet note the posted a picture very sweet note to my truest love out of nowhere. I agree that really was out of nowhere. You made forty five hands down the greatest year of my life. And i'm sure it took me forty five years to become the man worthy of your love. I hope i spent every one of these birthdays by your side until my last day and beyond forever and ever yours and yes we got married. I just thought it was funny. That he i mean i think it's sweet and also funny. He was like yes obviously took forty five years to become like a person worthy of you. 'cause like i'm getting married at forty five. It's a little older than even i expected. And you know he had to do something very elegant and good because whenever you're mother-in-law's meryl streep you kind of have to step up your game. Oh you got to step it up if he had married gaily guoco. Do you think he would have left such a heartfelt message. A such a copy edited message or do you think it would have been a first draft. That's what we call our. I go he would have left. He thinks he married gillig. We would have to shittier message marry someone who is related to meryl streep and meryl streep will always be part of your narrative in the press. You have to do several revisions. He molar first draft marriages. He took forty five years. But you big bang banged into my life. And i hope to attend to your every need As he would use plans It's one of those things that on paper it sorta like. Well it's so weird but it doesn't really linger with you. You know like it comes and goes. You're like that's crazy and then you instantly forget that it happened like they. We knew they were together a few months ago and then i completely forgot until they got married and i was like yet again. That's crazy now. I will lose it. The most interesting thing about this is not even that she married mark ronson which is actually just kind of sweetened like somewhat normal. Because who do you think you fucking meet in the industry. It's like she. Of course shearman rotten. Who else does she hang out with. Is like mark ronson times. You know like that's what i mean. But the the more kind of like kooky thing was that she was married for three months a year ago to taste right there. I almost said taes on day to taste to davis drucker and son tay which is like such a random thing because we were watching sales and guess who is in silkwood that's right meryl streep and david street a young david street there is in silkwood. Also the was crazy was they absol. Look mike gummer's shiels both gummer's but she i mean she looks like insanely like her daughters. In that it's it's it's uncanny don's as the physical parts of the dna like did not translate no merrill's genes like eight don's in the womb like there are. There is no remnant of dawn within the looks of the gummer girls Both and in the flash exclusively merrill so what are these other fun facts about tae straight there in that you have here which i compel me realize nothing. I mean this is so ridiculous. It's like the funny thing about taste. Return who was married to To newsroom gummer for three months is one. He's in the band dolls with mandy. Moore's husband we have and then the other funny thing is on. imdb it says trivia. Did you know brother of ebi. Straighter only trivia. It's like nothing has made me close tab faster than did you know brother of abbey straight. They're just saying. I don't know how we got here anyways. The gummer's have meryl streep's son in law is none other than mark. Ronson and that makes samantha ronson. Absolutely nothing we just thinking about that. You don't get anything there are now now. They're not to deejays meryl streep's family at her to dawn you know she's complained to dawn. Like we do not need these two deejays. And what's his name. What is her son musician. Harry yeah isn't he. Oh henry henry governor henry gummer but he goes by henry wolf understandably. He goes by singer. Gummer gummer these are my sister's newsroom. And ricky in the flesh son gummer but then there's model gummer. who is louis member. Her model gummer is completely different. You said remember her. I had completely forgotten her. She's gonna be gilded age gummer because she's starring. Hbo show starring christine. Brandy and cynthia. Nixon called the gilded age gummer. Oh my god. They're all h. b. o. Stars because newsroom gummer ricky flash gummer's also technically true detective season three gummer. And then you have just hours working the forest. Hbo just streaming on hbo true detective.

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