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Mid Atlantic the staff was a show at the double door hunt valley in TV face from your past Tatum o'neal Barry Williams from ready once they were out of the ballpark by the way last night without a thought Adams lots more comedian Dane cook cook I'm sorry cooking yes there you go okay tonight at seven thirty at the hippodrome a crook I did as I get it I met this a cook I meant to say yeah the Polish festival Saturday and Sunday of the holy rosary church for white south Chester St twelve angry jurors at the vagabond players proof that the every man that hears something interesting the Baltimore symphony some of musicianship they're still on strike in mind as that's awful. inducted by man asked now sap will perform tomorrow at four o'clock at the new Shiloh Baptist church twenty one hundred north Monroe street yeah some of them are outperforming no strings attached no that's not the way we do have a winner David Wilder of Westminster is the winner of our amazing Kreskin ticket so thanks and regulations to David Walter Westminster and finally the great not the two couple of the things the great Fredrick fair at the fairgrounds as we get a a prince tribute at the garden center tomorrow night and a boat yard the beach bash Saturday five thirty to ten at the Annapolis maritime park so let's going on yeah we got the rock fest over high tops are going over for the wounded warriors that is tomorrow again that's a high tops girl because we had a guy on yesterday and is in the renaissance was full so I can use through weekends through October twentieth phone we got that so long. and is this the movie which won the hustlers have you seen a lot of them left in jail jail no I'm not actually is mentioning her as Oscar material for this which as we talked about hello yes. and apparently a though the V. as so there's a little bit of a conflict here as to whether they're going to be able to open their season. now I don't see how the that rehearsed that haven't rehearsed and yet the CEO says you know he's hopeful they can the union says is almost impossible yeah I don't see how you know I'm only there for part of it limited with a terrible fate than and perform at all it it it would be but this is the the modern and struggles of a of a symphony orchestra and their major cities not ever major city has one no and that's another key right which you may have okay well I guess I'm done thank you again thank you Mr media appreciate that and that was you know trying to guess mine so very good by the way we told you earlier the a Swedish rapper has got a little bit of hot water his name is Jessie eighteen a and wakey canais bowl he called on his fans to shoot white people while urging take them as slaves and treat them even worse if you were a fantastic role model for kids now. the comments were made the ramp post on the closed Instagram group called bars Farka meeting blocks only according to this news outlet so con able says we blocks will become number one and take over these whites like these white still because as slaves we should take them as slaves and treat them even worse we will take their B. arches and take their money to be perfectly honest we will be the best race ever we are African warriors they are not on our level this is just the beginning black power if any white color white girls trying to talk crap about you shoot him they talk crap about your family shoot him well no word on what the Swedish folks intend to do with his god but Allah country. three twenty nine timer W. CVM traffic.

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