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Fifty five degrees gasoline prices at the pumps have been on the rise in recent weeks analyst trilby Lundberg says he prays just a puppet up again. But the rise a lot smaller them it's been this is a five cent rise over the past two weeks to a national average price of two ninety seven for regular since mid-january. There's been a sixty six cents per gallon surge in the price and in the prior two weeks over the thirteenth cent jump. So this nickel is greatly slowed. And there are reasons to suppose that the price might now be peaking the national average price of regular gas two dollars and ninety seven cents per gallon, a conservative Republican legislator is trying to force debate on a proposal to require Kansas. Senate confirmation of state supreme court justices said her tie Masterson of Andover notify. His colleagues early Sunday that he will attempt to pull from committee a proposed amendment to the state constitution on how justices are selected the Senate plans to take a vote on this move may twenty-ninth when lawmakers made for the ceremony formerly adjourning, their annual session Masterson cited as one reason the state supreme courts really last week declaring that the state constitution protects abortion rights Masterson opposes abortion. The amendment would have the governor appoint justices subject to send a confirmation the governor. Currently appoints one of three finalists named by a lawyer lead nominating commission with no review by lawmakers. Rodney price Cayenne SS news hands. Install makers have approved a budget that includes extra funds for higher education, the state's prison system and pay increases for state workers. The Senate voted twenty six to fourteen Saturday night to approve an eighteen point four billion dollar spending package for the government beginning July, the house approved it on a seventy nine to forty five vote and the measure. Now goes to governor Laura Kelly for her signature, the measure includes an additional thirty three million dollars for higher education and an extra thirty five million dollars for the State Department of corrections. The extra dollars were in addition to an increase in funding for public schools of roughly ninety million dollars a year approved in April. Matthew harding. Kate. NSS news the latest edition of the mid America. Business conditions index was solid, but the clouds on the horizon have to do with workforce concerns among supply managers according to Creighton university. Economists goes he notes that low agricultural prices, leave farmers with no money to hire. While the economic growth across the country leaves manufacturers with no people to hire. Now below break-even. Turns of prices were manufactured having difficulty with unemployment rate. Very low part of the nation. You don't in migration from people. Don't have jobs moving to Kansas to get those jobs Kansas employment. Reading was well below growth neutral, which is fifty at forty three point nine in April. Family hundreds of friends and a military honor guard remember to North Carolina college student credited with saving classmates by rushing a gunman firing inside their lecture hall twenty one year old Riley fatally shot Tuesday, while tackling the gunman accused of killing Howell and one other person and wounding four more at the university of North Carolina at Charlotte Howell has been called a.

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