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Quarterbacks and running backs grip is danson i find name is trina williams from lancok california and we were all dancing and were were just just excited and i decide in the middle of dancing with her that i would ask her for a phone number sheikh drina was the first one china was the only woman in college you gave me a real telephone number the next day we walk to basket and robins icecream parlor my friends couldn't believe it this has been forty years ago and my friends can't believe it we go on a second date and a third day and a fourth day mmm we drive from chico to lay so that she can be my parents my father meets sir my daddy my hero he meets her pulls me to the sides is issue psycho but anyway we got together for a year two years three years four years by now serena's a senior in college i'm still a freshman what i'm workers and things out i am so glad i graduated reports terms meets in ford carter reagan so now it's it's it's time to riposte i talk to her girlfriends it it's california it's in the '70s what it has to be outside at the can dole and they that have to have some chocolate illicit on from there who had at a bottle of hoon's far wind that's what i she said yes that was the key i married the most beautiful woman never seen him on you'll ever been to a wedding and even before the wedding starts you hear this.

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