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Council but there were just a lot of signs a lot of body language that you just don't see or don't notice until you make it through talk what poverty was doing when she was doing your thinking I go island one of the world's been there's like I wasn't there either but you see all these like old idols it's totally called herblock and like her live was just like you're not playing now and you would be a horrible color in the room the Atlantic cafe can you identify that bird call no I actually if he's supposed oh she pushed ten she's like yelling shut up like that was like television goals right there that was fun moment to watch let me give you some more questions from our listeners nick snow wants to know are you surprised that charisma was included in the Chelsea vote or with that the women and trying to get her back in on the good side knowing a swap was coming soon charisma she's been sort of on the outs for these last couple of episodes enough felt good but she got brought on the Chelsea blindside you think that was interesting I'm not surprised by that like missy said why have one vote when you can have to oh that's Kinda like contact preference and they're seeing that movie I love that movie foster yes it's like I can you wildly bill one when you invite you for twice the price or something like that I contact the aliens yeah yeah yeah I we're totally going off topic here we they built the first one and it like blew up and the guy was like living in faith provide why have one google twice the price or something like that maybe there were like terrorists that blew up the the first one the mortgage you really into aliens that you're into animals is aliens like an offshoot of life on other planets also why they I like learning about they we know more space than we know about the depths of the ocean so I think it's it's really Cool interesting I I was Jodie foster from that movie for an speech and sixth grade so I was rat nerd of child Okay Keeton actually open and on like a character from times space is my jam the case is my J. Treating Space with a lot of grace right now I was stay but that's what I call I did we've all been Watermelon Canyon state standards I mean Mitzi basically miss you got to I know what to do she had to vote I think charisma is plain like I'll do whatever anybody wants me to do but as long as it's not my name on the fortunate and that's up yeah I mean but that's something producers as well they they'd rather you go out winging then just like well it's GonNa be me there's nothing I can really do about it and so I mean why not I don't even remember the rush now though why not draw rushmore back in because you've GonNa do whatever you want a little puppy dogs it's just like following you around all do whatever you want and just don't get rid of me don't vote me aw so I think it was on this he's back in real or end she'll do whatever you say as long as it's not her name Okay have you don't throw our she's happy if you screw over she don anyway Mike wants to know could Morgan outswim Janet N. Elizabeth Not Elizabeth she in Alabama. glimmer I was never a swimmer out of the diver but I am married good I'm Eric I you know I practice Ainley has blown tests that we have to take with my job and there's different debts we have to go down to size land you know forty feet down right I think Janet I could out to them she probably it depends I think Janet is a life march she his all time she athletic endurance is there for her so it's like a cross country me I'm better at tracked not cross country I don't do long distances so I mean I'm very quick for short distances so I feel like in that challenge I definitely could have out Wam her but she's been a lifeguard like forever so she's definitely and amazing amazing swimmer ways and water and you know all those other circumstances though Elizabeth I fail grow a kick my butt this is a question from Philippa Phillippa says somebody who played closely with both Dominic and Wendell and we're also on a tribe with Laurel how would cast your vote between them if you were a juror have you given thought to this Oh yeah I mean I would have done one thousand percent why not those those are for I love window we are rate friends but don name was on the chopping block from day warning from day one the moment we stuff on the islands don was targeted and he made it through until the end and I feel like window and again I wasn't there I got voted out of the many things I'm sure I don't know or I didn't see but I felt like Wendell was more of Don's right hand man and dog was kind of making balls ear nose long moral would not have gotten my vote I love more I think she's an amazing human being she's a sweet person ever but like strictly from game for she didn't do anything in my opinion she didn't make that big move that opened up my phone guy and she didn't make that big move that everyone was waiting for her G- and make they were waiting for her to turn long gone or turn on when the alerts joe juice something and she just didn't kind of fulfil everyone's dreams by doing that okay let me give you a question from Andy Pfeiffer who I think is your biggest supporter that Edry I'm GonNa have to my phone which might be a problem because my headphones on my phone but we still got ten percent Andy is amazing I neither me because every thing week he tweets out to just froze and then Wiegmann all those guys Ozzie play again I've never had fans so big he's so sweet so here's a question for you Oregon Andy Pfeiffer calling with his obligatory voicemail so my question is with what happened in ghosts which obviously still not threat like poverty two point Oh and targeted early how would you go about avoiding that win you play your second time thanks I must keep annoying Jack about that we I is there something to that where you know Ah Athletic Woman Who Comes in who knows the game immediately everybody up gotta get rid of this person main yeah that's the way I perceive it if you're strong female it can be intimidating I mean especially when you're playing Fiji with there's a lot of challenges and a lot of different challenges especially for me earned wire a lot so people thought it was on summer they thought it was a strong swimmer or they thought I was a personal trainer they knew I was an athlete and I was a super fan and we yeah I think people started strong females not finally or I think and you get down to individual immunity challenges it's anyone's game and he saw the Chelsea on my season I know people didn't see a lot of her but I think I would have done very well I think you're gonNA give in Chelsea or run for her money and a lot of those challenges Chelsea played a very quiet game at the beginning very quiet and then she pretty much like at least when I was around her walk Chelsea these are just my opinion I play but she sat around a lot she didn't do a whole lot her desk kind of quiet and that in the bed and they don't really have a lot of input that I saw now they also weren't in my alliance from we were five and five on Immedi but they just weren't right Morgan who who had more confessionals Chelsea on your season Chelsea on this season Chelsea on this season I think you have a lot of airtime and all the yeah she's a very nice person I really enjoy this she just quiet and then do a whole lot when I place okay this is a question from owed fa who says do you think it's still a big deal to give an idol now that idols are so frequent and it happened to experienced players like Wentworth and Aubrey after all blindside is a blindside idol or no idle is is there less of a stigma now to get voted out with an idol. I don't think so much 'cause I'm a Super Fan I'm like oh my gosh I think I don't make people feel too safe and I think that's one of I don window world question very quickly dawn.

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