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Technology, paired with new Smart features keeps your pet protected in your yard visit. Invisible fence dot com to schedule your free consultation that's invisible Fence. ICOM Daisy Ash, NewsRadio wofl. Cloudy skies, breezy winds and the passing downpours remain in the forecast for the rest of the afternoon. Overall rain chances out of 40% highs will be near 86, but it will stay very muggy throughout the entire day. We should mostly dry out overnight lows near 74 Thursday afternoon, though another 30% chance for those passing downpours. Highs near 88 you some caution If you're out there on the water east winds at 10 to 15 Nazis, 2 to 4 Ft and Chappy Bay and in the Waters, a Max defender, eight. Meteorologists demand a holly. Time for your stimulus, money. Use radio. Tell you, eh? Fella has your chance Don't we In $1000 text the nationwide keyword money M O N E Y. That's money. 202 100. You'll get a confirmation text in info, standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's money. 202 100. Tonight at nine o'clock on Blaze TV. We have Rudy Giuliani. I got him for an hour and I want to hear from you. Please put your suggestions in on what you think has to be asked But we're going to ask the questions that journalists quite honestly are afraid to ask, you know and just are covering up, but we'll do it. We'll have it tonight. Nine o'clock only on Blaze TV. In the next few minutes. I want to re introduce you to somebody who who founded in 1994, something called Judicial Watch. And it was.

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