United States, North Korea, President Trump discussed on Talk Radio Countdown with Doug Stephan


I think that happens that a lot of the issues but i don't think the united states has worked regardless of whether it was doing it isn't from north korea the north koreans have been promising students as young as eleven years old they will have a wonderful life they will go to special schools they will be the favored in a nation with people who are not that well educated there if they agreed to be taught how to hack or learn how to hack or how to develop computer viruses you'll be rewarded by the government of north korea for being able to do that well i put that on the list i would go hey rocket man like it's gonna matter educated naive if you think anything is gonna come from this except a photo op this ridiculous really you know what how much are let's save the tape on this yeah i like kim jong dingdong rollover and just say oh you know what you're right mr president now that i've met you in person i really like you a lot and i love the united states so we're not gonna hack and we're not going to teach our children back over there and you say listen you take one step we'll take one step you start pulling the nukes apart and then maybe we'll think about dangle the carrot but you know don't send carrot top over there you know i just don't agree with that.

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