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Of police chief Mark Danny says, he expects there to be a service tonight at the administration building on Springdale road. It's been a painful weekend for everyone who knows officer Deo woods, he suffered broken bones and head trauma when he was struck by a pickup truck while on duty Friday night on Coleraine avenue near banning. We we've put a lot of faith in the doctors, nurses, and in God, we believe that he's going to recover the way he's supposed to. I'd rather not comment. Too much more on on his condition. Matt Reese, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w while these suspected gunman in a recent northern Kentucky shooting surrenders over the weekend. Thirty-three-year-old Patrick Blanchard is the second person to be arrested in connection to the death of Natasha Henderson back on December thirtieth around two thirty A. M Henderson was shot and killed at the corner of west pike in main street and Covington a twenty four year old man was arrested on New Year's Eve. It was said to be complicit in the shooting. He has been charged with murder. Sean gallagher. Newsradio seven hundred w l w ready to head to Wall Street as investors. Get ready for another busy week a lot on tap this coming week. For Wall Street is markets will try to continue Friday's rally. No doubt set to dominate the focus will be fresh trade talks starting Monday between the US and China delegation of US representatives will be in China for high-level negotiations as the trade war continues. President Trump has continued to express optimism that it d. Oh can be reached the talks come following. Apple's announcement last week that had seen lagging sales in China and blaming that in part on the trade war that helped sink markets on Thursday over broader worries about global economic slowdowns by Friday. However, a positive jobs report helped turn things around also ahead for investors. This coming week on Wednesday. The Federal Open Market committee releases its minutes. We'll hear again from fed chair Jerome Powell on Thursday and then on Friday, the bureau of labor and statistics releases its consumer price index. Mark Remillard, ABC news..

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