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Divine beings lesser elohim less sons of god to be your place holders are going to be your caretakers now you don't want to be you know in line with me when he turned over them now that that situation turns out really badly we know that from saw many to these are the sons of the most high the sons of god are getting judged and excoriated by god himself in psalm eighty two they become corrupt they rule chaotically they seduced the israelites into worshiping them this is the old testament explanation really quick mike are they angels or they spirits of beans first their spiritual beings angel is actually a job description okay it doesn't really it's it's a term that that doesn't tell you what a thing is tells you would a thing does its sgr okay so these are spiritual beings and and the rest of the old testament but we don't know where they came from correct there they're all created beings i mean you have psalm one 48 get solved three near my niamey god gets god created all things visible and invisible cautions 116 and and there were originally working for him but when they get assigned to the nation's they go astray they become hostile they become adversarial they don't rule according to to god's good justice in a hit his what the way he wants the nation's run he's their human beings they're still created in his image god wants them taken care of but but what he does when he is divorces himself from them it's a judgment at the punishment and then he turns around right after babbel what what is the local source says the next event god calls abraham he says look watch of disinheriting them divorcing myself from a personal relationship with the rest of you with all eu nations and you got lesser lesser in a place holders now watch what i do i'm going to create a new people from nothing and they are going to be my people now i'm gonna make a covenant with the sky abraham.

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