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Go to Bob dash shitty. Dodds card ends are. So good selection. There is really good giant wall whiskey. They do they do. Yeah. So it's a fun place. My my who got smoked I suggested Cam Newton last night. Obviously you can tell by watching Cam Newton play. He's not one hundred percent healthy. But that that saints defense that has played so well recently was able to sack Cam Newton four times. Hit him a bunch of other times held him to just one hundred thirty one passing yards zero touchdowns. One interception for me. It was Cam Newton who got smoked and these Panthers while they are now six and eight on the seats. I've got a who got got smoke. And we talked about it a little bit earlier Josie Marino. Josiane Marino got smoked the the the man that was leading. And that's very loosely used Manchester United this year. And they've been struggling throughout the year, Manchester. United fans have have spoke and the Manchester United decided today that we've had enough. It's all over it. Doesn't matter if you're in the Champions League final sixteen Josie Marino gone after losing a Liverpool last week. He still gets paid right? Just like all of the coaches, my Lord, he's he's got like sixty million dollars coming from coach in all of professional sports. Getting ten million a year for ten years. He's getting one hundred mil. Yeah. He's he's making tons of cash. I double check. But Miller, do you have a suggestion for who got smoked is that a you know, what I'll throw out there. I think I think the rest of the major league baseball is about to get smoked by the White Sox. Oh baby did leave right without that. He I don't know if he's left yet. But it's getting pretty late in the day right now, the pilot is saying we are not leaving until you sign contracts New York tomorrow, isn't that the next team that gets to. Woo. You can't. Chilies refer. Let him go. Let him go. Don't let them leave leave. And Freddie, you said you said quite a bit that you prefer Manny, Machado, overprice heart. I do I do Harper having. What is it the his oh PS eighty eighty points higher career-wise OPSEC's even nine hundred so yeah, he's eight twenty. That's okay. So high is because Bryce Harper's guy that they have decided to walk intentionally and it started a while back. Right. I mean, I base percentage of that's all figured in. Yeah. I mean. Attention to walk. He walks a lot. He walks a lot now. Manny does not walk a lot. And that's where it all comes guys quite a bit. Yeah. Power numbers numbers aren't too far on. Yeah. Up in shots. Biking. You're going to have to call him out. And he's not hustling. That's what I think. I think I think you want the Chato so you can yell at him when he doesn't hustle. I think that's why you want Machado. Well, we'll we'll Ricky Renteria yell at him. Because that's been his thing like rents has benched a lot a lot of veterans sax players. Is he has you bench three hundred plus million dollar, man. I don't think he's. No, I don't either. Once he signed the contract, you can do whatever you'd like with them. But I don't believe the White Sox will be outfit. Do you have suggestion for who got smoked? Okay. That's cool. Cubs fans by the signing of the guy. That's not what. Manny Machado Danube the scalps Daniel discuss. Oh, yeah. I think he's headlining the Chicago theatre later very cool.

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