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Tools for living room to grow a space of grace to become everything that God wants to be. You're listening to the living room podcast with Joanna Weaver episode five. Hey, sweet friend. I'm so glad you joined us today have really been looking forward to talking to Michelle cushite, I've admired her for years as Michael Hyatt's co host on his leadership podcast, this is your life. But I've grown to respect her even more. After a brutal bout with cancer change the way she looked talked in live, sending her on a solo journey to rediscover herself. And the God she thought she knew I know you're going to get a lot out of this show. I certainly did Michelle is not only inspiring. She's a genuinely wonderful person. Oh my goodness. I am so excited to have you with us today. Welcome Michelle could chat. Hey there. I am sibling to be here. In fact, we've chatted for many minutes before we even stir recording. I know we may have to do a little outtake reel. Just so they get in on it. Good. It was good. Lots of laughter. NS you in there too. Well, I I was telling you that I have admired you from afar. End just appreciated so much your juster. Your real Ness your honesty about your journey. But most of all just how you wear Jesus you just wear him. So well, my friend. Thank you for that in. It's I received at but there's this internal pardon me, say Mantica sny had a rocky road. Expend just you know, I love him with all of my heart. But it's YoM forty seven years old. It's gonna journey jarring of letting Hammond in falling back in love with him over and over again. But don't you think that's the best way? I kept thinking it was going to be this uninterrupted line, you know, just upward always. But like what Samuel Rutherford said way back like four hundred years ago. He said, oh, the twisting winding way, he's taken me. Yes. Absolutely. But for me, I know it's I think it's deepened my walk. I think it's I think that there's something about that crucible that brings a purity in depth. I mean, we'd rather not take that route assay wouldn't be my preference now seeing ice cream flavors pain and suffering questions would not be twos. But. But as you said, the reality is those are the things that. Debt and passion and loyalty infrastructure relationship. I mean, you don't have that in any relationship without a bit of struggle. I agree. I agree. Otherwise, I think we're just we're really just acquaintances with. Would you tell us a little bit about your story for those that may be don't know about you, my friend, either the happy to I'll give you a very brief version which will be longer than Brees. But it's about sharp a second get it. I'm I a short. I was raised in home where I've always not since my parents became Christians about five or six months old at that point the moment. My parents decided that day glee that tees was and we were in every Sunday Sunday night Wednesday multiple between. And so I've never not known anything, but faith a life of faith in in in God, his reality and affected. He sees for me. However, I had somewhere along the way for my found hood early. Adulthood turned my faith into a transactional relationship. I believe that did everything God wanted me to do. If I followed him didn't. That was right. Void knowledge into Iran than I had the recipe for life. And in all seems like it made sense. It seems like to some extent when I make good choices. I had good results behind of experienced as kids have ever been Hanneman older adult in started to deal with unexpected circumstances things like I net. Divorce single mom in my twenties. Completely unexpectedly. I remarried in out with Steph family, which I thought was just going to be perfect in turn out to be a little bit were complicated. Perfect. And then about the time that I thought I was catching my breath. Everything was pay when I'm thirty nine years old two days before thanksgiving. I found out that had cancer of the Tom shwim cell carcinoma of the Tom was I didn't even know just it should to give you some context. I forgot point in time. When I was diagnosed with making lifting as communicator coach to commute. Hager's? Yes. Exactly. So I was rather attached to my town. It was not something I really wanted to give up or lose compromise. Not some hearing the word cancer, there'd be nine. So what followed with surgery and different actors appointments in scans in all of that kind of world over terming event and eventually found that they caught it early. We put cancer to the side never expected again. However, what would happen over the next five years is I would go through cancer diagnoses, two more kinds is time more serious. It's difficult than the time before by third time removed two thirds of my town. I can't remember. I'm living speaker communicator, I had been on podcast had millions of downloads and I traveled with women faith onto her. I had traveled unspoken all around the world. And coach leader went frequently show. I last two thirds of my time. I see you during thanksgiving in the hospital for a week on. They gave me about four weeks to recover after which they put me into intensive radiation chemotherapy recommend variance finally. Radiation Hema coming different flavors and varieties, but I can tell you that when you have radiation on the head and neck. It's an entirely different angle. You cannot burn that part of your body without significant pain and trauma. And so what followed for the next several months, who's chemotherapy radiation, followed by another week in hospital where they did something called breaking therapy with whose internal radiation. All Sperry details, but they basically injected directly into me all that to say by the time all wish shouldn't gun. 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