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Because I was going to school when the first school shooting started like Like I remember hearing about the one in Eugene. Yeah me and my friends. All jokes like that. We all joked about shooting and stuff and Ken show like anymore but she thought that was Larry as right. You disturbed kidding. We don't even have made it funny to us that we didn't even have guns. Didn't have a dad around with having with guns. I don't know if you had a gun when we were growing up but I'd never even touched one until my friends from around the you know so anyway. That was an anecdote that wasn't ACTA. Everybody's disturbed now. Can we find this animation computer? I think totally crashed. Said he's awesome. Lend you think real computer when I worked in a thing like crazy hours administration. Yeah he was good at animation so even though he did crazy things like that. I still encouraged it. I love that. I love the lack of a reactive. Nece to what she saw into what you did and admiring creativity and the humor in it instead of focusing on violence. That's a pretty good animation of me getting shots. All the it was kind of it was I made it. It was funny animation. Because the way you were on the ground like wiggling like as if like you know nobody wig like got shot is if they were like flies getting I made silly cover up it now just yourself all right. Well I've got some. I found some tips for mom's on the internet or really and I want to see what you guys think. Going to get. Diane and Diane Take Mom and Diane's take on this so Number one stick to an early bedtime thumbs down. What do you think badly bedtime for kids better for the kids? Yeah I get him to bed as soon as physically possible. So why are you anti older early bedtime? Mom even when he's like structured so. I think we got judged by some people when we are raising you that we didn't have embedded at seven thirty every night but we have fun so yeah. Unstructured was definitely our house. Don't mean that in a way because there's a structure I when I go to. His House are so casual. We were the fun. House that like all the neighborhood kids. We didn't go to neighborhood kids house. They all came to our house that we went gringo. The man's and we'd have like a dozen kids running around well. I think my mom would've gone insane. Get an empire through a lot of kids out at me kids in lakeside. Yeah very small. Towns in Oregon for people empire a lot of stray children running everywhere let drugs once they had to be in school. We would do eight thirty or nine but as toddlers. It's like no one's telling us where we have to be tomorrow. That's play didn't get up at two in the morning and just ride my bike around the house. Yeah I got up and you're on your big wheel in the hall. You got it out of the garage all right another advice for moms create mini traditions stemming. I don't know many many small like little traditions like one. I can think of one from our childhood. We have a special birthday played played. I think we have a birthday plate every birthday. There's a place says you are special today. always they always said Oh. I'm not special every other day on my special today. Yeah that's part of the tradition complaining about the birthday play absolutely for that one. How about you Diane? We didn't have a birthday played every year. Yeah head shot. I don't even remember a on. Fridays always remember moving into the just the holiday. Type of just regular holiday Steph. Christmas tree and Things like dad warm on the tradition lukewarm. I wasn't absolutely we were. I was absolutely for the mini tradition. I'm trying to think of some more of though I know I know. We had a ton in the summer sometimes. We did theme Thursday in there. It'd be like a circus theme or come over it. Not Interesting at all but sorts supposed to name some of our mini tradition. If you have any I was just trying to think of some small things like you know when we were in soccer was like Burger King Thursdays. And we'd just go to Burger King and it was just and then we always compete to see who got the longest fry. That's when I was at Bible study. Dad's thing yeah. They were taking all dead story or he did the he would do. The the little trips where we would just drive around town and see where we ended up if there was a storm. You guys make the boats down the stuff out of trash these are. These are father's Day stories for father's Day. Take your kids on individual dates. I E biggest thing if you can know the single mother I. I think that's part of the why we have a lot of a little traditions and I couldn't take them on individual dates by the time I could name. Didn't want to be with their mom. They want their friend so that didn't happen much. Yeah I know the few times I've taken like took Elisa to Disneyland Albert Self and that is still one of those special memories we've ever had and then lily took her to.

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