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Maybe his technique behind old plate. How porn is that for Garrett Cole here? I think it's cute that you saw what happened last year with no issue, but they had a personal situation and how that can spin out of control pretty quickly. I think that it's important that you and I remember one day when I think in Andy's personal catcher. Yeah, it was It was. It was kind of a wacky situation because my family was the main catcher. And it just didn't feel comfortable with the way he went about it. I think that's probably the best way he was still giving credit. Even Girardi. Thank you could always get credit. I don't mind going to jail, but I just feel comfortable with Jenny. You know the exact situation. It's important for a picture to show the capture that you know what I have confidence in you on and I think that's something that call have to do it. Jim. Did he ever get more specific than that, Pettit? I mean, like about why he felt more comfortable with you. What were you doing that put him at ease. I think for me it was the way I was able to frame pictures and be able to steal strikes to have That they didn't feel comfortable. That was one of the good things that I did behind the plate with that with that strange pictures pretty well and get strikes, working empires and I think I think Andy was cut and the complete opposite of me aside, the intensity I drowned and oysters in what he tried on that, But yet he was still in a quiet, calm one. And I think that combination worked well together. Um, did that create any kind of issues with you and the other catchers are no, not really. I mean, you could catch every single day and Mike Stanley do same day it was an opportunity to get back the line up and Usually if I was going to if I was with my Stanley, but I was catching Michael Music th a caustic and the thing with Joe was kind of like, okay, I'm gonna take that I get two days off a week. Our Jimmy can catch. We'll talk about what you're doing with the wizard world virtual dot com This cool world Siri's hero thing you're doing tonight, Jim in just one moment, but along the lines like say, you have Gary Sanchez, who's healthy, say you of Wilson Ramos, who's healthy. How many games can we expect them to catch 60 game sprint? How many days off? Do you think guys like that need if they're healthy? Well, I mean, if they're healthy, it's gonna be tough for the backup catcher because you want to start a guy in there every day. If possible on DH. I think another 10 because it is depend on performance. It depends if Gary has improved defensively behind the plate and I've got work done from things, which you think logically you would be doing that in a 60 game season. There's a lot less if I can tell you being captured is a lot less chance. I'm getting laid behind the plate because you're not going to be dragging as much as you would in 152 game schedule. Moussa Maggie with you here on this. Wednesday midday, Mr Guest Jim Leyritz, two time World Series champion Greatest nickname as well. The King. For Jim and Ah, World Siri's hero in New York Mets it that is exactly right, Jim. How difficult you know the approach here 162 as compared to 60 Well, we know about physically being in shape. But what about the approach and the different tact and the importance of these games? From a player perspective? It's going to be 100%. That's all right now. I mean, we have no fans in the stands. You're gonna have to motivate yourself. Get yourself up. Get yourself going. I think that's going Tio physical side. I think it would be great. Most of the players because get only 60 games you can pretty much go for board. The whole time. Uh, but I think on the mental side that's really going to be a challenge for a lot of guys because something some guys like LeBron James through basketball. They slide on that that fans and off they often intensity that you get from the fans. It's gonna be difficult for some guys. So, Jim, tell us what you're doing The school thing tonight, you Roy White. Bobby Valentine. You're doing a Q and a for fans. Could you tell us about this? Yeah, They called us with this idea of going skin because we're not doing sweet appear kids. We're not gonna be doing all the interaction that we normally do during the baseball season with fans. People are starving for, uh, just a baseball and so they came up with this idea that we would be three of us will go on a killing. After three years, many minutes and then after that, Q and a people want to do personal messages to people who want to step on a phone call a father or a son or whoever. That they could a have the opportunity to do that. They wanted you to want to get some memorabilia, Bacon order memorabilia, and we'll find it for them and make sure ship themselves. It's just the way it has to be able to interact with the fans. Get them to make a little bit of money. But at the same time Ah, you know, being able to just interact is something that I tell people all the time. I did. Being in the stadium. I'd miss going into the suite and talking to people about our memories and their memories of our championship teams. We missed that just as much of the fancy face. Jim, and it's seven o'clock tonight, Right, Jim? Seven o'clock tonight Wizard World virtual dot com You could check it out. Valentine, Jim Roy White. Amongst those, And that's tremendous because you're right. I mean, people are clamoring for the interaction Jim and to be able, have a conversation chat, fire out the questions and and be able respond. I mean, that is that is tremendous interaction for the baseball fan. Yeah. I mean, during this code of change on that front line workers were really having a hard time working on these chance of not having time to eat. We were doing a podcast on Facebook lines just raise money from the mine workers. You know, we would put it out just on Facebook by followers of a guy named Cole back, So I did it with followers, and we went over $50,000. And it was funny. That's what we stop doing the podcast. Because my lookers weren't eating food any more. We stopped doing that people call you please. Could you cut people keep talking about baseball thing back? I'm Don Mattingly brings back all these guys that we had. Because they were just starting to hear about baseball. So it's gonna be great. I think to get baseball back and get them playing, even though it's going to be no fans that people are gonna have something to watch on TV and to be able to talk about Did you leave? The game's gonna be starting blade? All right, Jim Leyritz is our Mr Guest. Give us a little behind the scenes here, Right? Under normal circumstances. You goto a packed house Yankee Stadium. You're going sweet, Sweet, sweet, right, saying hi to people season ticket holders of the big spenders and stuff..

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