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He's good right it says right here hanley ramirez not under investigation in connection with the fenton all ring there you go and his friend according to the globe merely dropped his name trying to avoid an arrest so that is the end of the story and less it's not it's never that simple you know that it's never that simple not so fast right so michele mcphee the she works for abc among others and she was back on the kirk and callahan show this morning and she was there to defend herself because many people pointing at her saying hey yo haley had a statement on twitter hanley ramirez is agent also released a statement pretty much without naming her blasting michele mcphee for this tweet that claim that hanley ramirez was being i'd in connection with his federal and state drug investigations so michelle on w e e i this morning attempted to clean her name by saying i never ever indicated that candy ramirez was hundred federal investigation might very clear he is connected to an ongoing investigation and i think the globes reporting also back that up you have a accused sentinel dealer who's part of a sweeping investigation he gets pulled over and my experience in talking to narcotics officers narcotics officers we'll tell you that the first thing that defendants usually say is the right thing so the globe said he dropped the name of marriage which is exactly what i heard the globe said that there was a boss that the driver with accused dealer that belong to ski facetime hanley ramirez which is exactly what i said so i think i do believe that there's much more to this investigation but i stand by exactly what i said if you are getting these times but accused drug dealer i think that would be indication that you are connected to an ongoing investigation and you know an unnamed defense attorney i don't think in anybody i if if we had a poll from the us attorney the state attorney general that would be completely different so that was michelle mcvie and she made a compelling case she said that he's obviously connected and if you know how this stuff works even if you have no legal background i of course have practice law on the radio for many years i have tried and convicted many professional athletes on a nightly basis but in this case hanley ramirez there's no other way to say it he he absolutely is connected he was connected because this person who was pulled over and had the the drugs had the dope in the car there he was the one that said hey dropped hanley ramirez his name so that connects you to the ongoing investigation and michelle mcveigh you heard the very end there she also pointed out we had a quote from the us attorney or the state attorney general that would be different and that does matter and so here we have a quagmire a bit of a quagmire here because you've got a hanley ramirez and his agent and that group running around claiming that's it there's nothing to see here the boston globe ran with the story michelle mcvie and her reporting she saying hey wait a minute here now he is absolutely connected now whether anything comes of that we'll have to wait and see so let's frame it this way the question is you've heard the initial story people running all over the place going crazy yet a cavalcade of people with hot takes on hanley ramirez over the weekend in the monday it spilled into monday you get the boston globe story which is essentially taking the hanley ramirez position and running with it so where are you where are you on the hanley ramirez story at this particular point no need for a witchhunt let's let's not have some kind of a wild goose chase against hanley ramirez that's essentially what they were saying right in the boston globe they printed their story they the the victory was declared no i say not so fast right using some old fashioned what i like to call critical fake this is a one sided argh.

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