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I've seen I just wanted to suddenly have a galaxy brain and be like I know Kung Fu. You know like I get it. I get the whole nothing it's fine. I Love Harare so he's a top five Guy Polka Russell Series on the film's a high yeah yeah what's it called. It's called House moving podcast and who's our gas justin charity damage control also co host of sound. Only we recently did an enemy podcast that we and even Galleon podcasts called Sowell idea yeah we did a mini series about neon neon Genesis Saving Kellyanne me and Mike Peters we did like the original TV show we did the movie the involving Galley and now we have a bunch of people and Sean Fantasies Mentions Chins campaigning for us to do the like even Kellyanne reboot movies and also cowboy bebop shirt. Will that will see a decent ago she ations. We'll see what happens I highly recommend watching original Lupin fucking the best. He's also a tough. I've watched any of the new loop like I've only watched. Ah Watching the first series. If you like Porco Rosso I recommend the it's not the most recent season campaign but it's one before that which is set unlike Milan European yeah good you know here. Here's the thing if you're digging into this. I've been trying to like exposure therapy. Break Down my walls with Japanese animation which I feel like I've been very selective in terms of what I've been able to connect with previously trying to like breakthrough all my my dumb western Biases Right you love animation though that's the thing you love the whole channel you just gotTa start familiar loving animation. We talked about this and I've been doing it. I'm getting into stuff but we talked about this. I think in a castle in the sky episode the fact that I love animation so much means that I so imprinted into American animation merchant shirt and it's like I I have to sort of and it's easier for me to do now but when I was younger as this is not how I understand animation to work so I was a kid got really into like structure and forms and patterns and things like that and it was so off the beaten path. I was experiencing even Jillian Evans complained to Netflix versions are fucked with right yeah. high fat is I have complaints about people's complaints because I was gonNA maybe take a swing at that. Might've Mike no not not fuck with it enough that watching it on Netflix is not like sacrilegious basic basic through with all. This stuff is like if you're not watching something in the original Japanese watching you're watching a translation of so watching one translation versus. It's like you're you're not watching the original things are translates English table chain liberties yet. That stuff is more like licensing problems in anime. They just in general has a lot of problem even the idea of getting even Gillian Net Flix yeah. It took a decade in some chain because the fuck anatomy industry is a nightmare and getting the rights to anything is very byzantine process and I think all of that show getting on Netflix and people being like well they didn't license fly me to the moon food. It just felt like kill me. Get the fuck out of here. They also replaced fly me to the movie another classic song from the original series like they were in replace it with Gangnam style yeah. It's kind of good yeah yeah yeah yeah just imagine trying to explain navan Genesis Genesis neon genesis two weeks after yeah right. What's a robot start there? There is that amazing I only found found out about this because of you might remember this lots of noble castes. Do you know about periodic table. Do you know about the Frank Sinatra space album. Yes I do too one of the early what's episode which was written by narrated by crane along with. Yes as I said this is the only reason I know about that but he did this triple album which is where his cover of New York New York comes from it but it's also like him going like Pluto place so you re discs okay. It's a triple album. It's called pass future present. I disc frank do and has classics right the standards second disc frank covering like present day like recent recent songs so he does New York New York that's him. I think doing something for the first time it's it's right a lot of the like Billy Joel Song it doesn't Neil Diamond Song Post seventy s songs Sinatra cover that are famous all come from that second disc and then the third disc no one talks about future a future and it's frank singing like and what of Pluto the smallest planet it's incredible. It's got this like bushes czar like ziggy stardust production great albums nineteen eighty. I think it's incredibly old Sinatra so maybe he was like gum. Digging your baby more robots suits I went to Japan not allowed to reenter diplomatic agreement to be struck by Jimmy Carter. Oh I called in a favor because I am deeply connected to the American American mop these crazy little green man. I love them kind of all the impersonations that I've ever have this five commissioner. I was driving down sixty six with Jimmy Hoffa. We ran into these real alien cats. He shot him in the face and we buried him in Nebraska. I just go to Nebraska Angie Dickinson. I took a wild weekend trip to area fifty one the first draft choice Porco I mean if you compare to attorney or like that Era Frank Sinatra you can pick them up curved by critter Shit Kirsch it but when I was looking for when I realized that Keaton was the voice of Porco Rosso and I want to find a trailer for the adopt so I could hear the voice I found a youtube clip of when they were playing all the jubilee films. I think it was right before Disney properly released all of them Chirp they were playing them all on Turner. Classic movies and Lassiter and Ben Mankiewicz would do the introductions together and Ben Mankiewicz made a really interesting point where he was like this is of all the Miyazaki films we've been covering this is the one that probably fits most at home on the one movie that feels like it could have been a fifty percent like that right and then he's fifty percent Kinda Wilder Miyazaki Shit but he said he was like you could imagine the three leads in this film being played played by like Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard and I forget who the third person he said was but I think the answer is Sinatra Played Grosso you could play poker right older Sinatra trickling Porco like fifty senator comeback. Oh you're right baby-faced could play the would have been too young to play old PORCO but old Sinatra's the perfect perfect guide up late fifties Sinatra can do it fifty Sinatra could do it he. He was pretty old in the man with the golden arm because in in the fifties he's in his mid to late. Forget puts forget. It was such an old man he was born in one thousand nine hundred fifteen yeah he's old old but kept young by those crazy muscians kids. I loved his on this planet. I'll sing you a song. GotTa play by my rules Green Mas pills in the episode. Where do you think he's Saturday? I don't Oh boys take. What's that but you hate hippie? He's the most anti I don't hate hippies hippies. You actually were refined with hippies sixties music ahead of huge influence culture. I dislike at Charlie Manson rolled up on me. I would have shot him square in the face. I think I got two things against Sinatra. A because I'm from New Jersey he's been shoved down my Garoppolo higher life sure it's like Sinatra Joe Biden man and that's like New Jersey and that he was born there and he was like twelve years like Outta here places a dump I mean I think there's like a famous mugshot of him. Him being arrested in hoboken. Yes tries to kill the governor. That's like the poster that people have on their fucking college. Oh Yeah yes of course where he kind of looks like Jon Diligent eligible yeah right right okay because we're making fun of him. You're doing his like singing kind of like schtick. It's not singing. He's just saying so. He's an incredibly he can. He can sing a lot of the guys forty goes for tastic. He's got pipe but yes later as career. The thing you could mark was him just sort of like release and I saw I saw the the second shot some good songwriting into bent so the second Byrd I never knew you at such a beautiful cleese. Oh yeah can sing. You can sing like an angel. Come fly with me okay enough of me. Where do you stand on Bruce as you love Bruce Bruce Bruce? My Man Bruce is like blue collar hero right but like we're talking about how good the Broadway slash net flicks specials as were. He's like I never worked in a factory crash bullshit. I'M GONNA fucking professional musician what he's talking about fancy. Nancy Twenty never worked in a pack. My family was into town you. It was not my life at all. I just found it. Only darkness is in the rooms. I don't enter in my mansion because it's so large okay well. I resisted bruce a lot too because it was so shut down my throat my dad's music but then later in life I discovered it and it's just like Nebraska Yeah in the USA. There's so many even as late eighties albums are so fantastic tastic. He's just a great songwriter so I've come on board to the Bruce Train. Where are you from Justin Richmond? He's from Virginia to the outskirts of Richmond Richmond's famous Deangelis. That's I mean that's I always associated with the hip hop scene the Angelo singing atmosphere. Oh Wow you spent time in richmond trying to find like you the list where it's like famous people from yeah. There's not someone who's like shoved down the throat in the same way Benz talking about though no like a clear cut like this is our pride and joy sort of no. He's the one who got up made good. I mean the the problem with the Angelo. Jason didn't really make it out he sort of got stuck in enrichment for a while and was going through some time we his down period was enrich yeah yeah if you'd read about him on local news it was it was rough with him. Apparently what is the guy with the hat Jason Mraz you say I never knew that or at least aimee Mann an apparently gals Charlottesville yeah but I think he's associated with Charlotte's yeah yeah let me see Oh Chris Brown who yes CB's from Yeah CB's Richmond Oh trey songz okay okay. I'm trying to see that's better trey songz from Petersburg and Guar Guar there from Richmond bar rules. Do you know that Guar every ten years they cycle through new characters and their due for a new set of characters might be behind on this. You might have already debut me. I love choir. Those kids from Richmond those crazy kids will love with their helmets and oversized weapons and I went to a show runs out socked in the jaw was part of the experience and I I love more than a couple of cats from school coming up with a conceptual theater project that somehow charts as a legitimate band. Maybe HEP cats from art. School is definitely Cleveland..

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